Exxon Mobil: American Multinational Oil and Gas Company

August 3, 2022

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Exxon Mobil ($NYSE:XOM) is one of the largest American multinational oil and gas companies, with a market capitalization of almost $400 billion. The company now has a dividend yield of almost 4% and numerous other avenues to generate shareholder returns. Do you think this will affect Exxon Mobil’s market and earnings in the long term? It is possible that the recent market volatility may have an impact on the company’s earnings in the short term, but Exxon Mobil has a strong track record of long-term growth and profitability.

Market Reaction

It is the largest direct descendant of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. Exxon Mobil stock opened at $94.7 on Tuesday and closed at $94.1.

VI Analysis

Company’s fundamentals reflect its long term potential, below analysis on EXXON MOBIL are made simple by VI app. VI Star Chart shows that EXXON MOBIL is strong in dividend, and medium in asset, profitability, growth. EXXON MOBIL has a high health score of 8/10 considering its cashflows and debt, is capable to safely ride out any crisis without the risk of bankruptcy. EXXON MOBIL is classified as ‘rhino’, a type of company that has achieved moderate revenue or earnings growth. At the right price, it is suitable for those who wants to invest for moderate capital gains. Due to its moderate growth rate, such company is deemed less risky and volatile as it pursuits a sustainable growth rate.



It is the largest direct descendant of John D. ExxonMobil’s primary brands are Exxon, Mobil, and Esso. The company has been criticized for its environmental and human rights record.

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