Carmax Intrinsic Value Calculation – CARMAX Reports Decreases in FY2024 Q2 Revenue & Net Income

🌥️Earnings Overview On September 28 2023, CARMAX ($NYSE:KMX) reported their Q2 earnings results for FY2024, showing a total revenue of [...]

TD SYNNEX Reports USD 13960.6 Million Revenue for FY2023 Q3, Down 9.1% YOY

🌥️Earnings Overview On September 26 2023, TD SYNNEX ($NYSE:SNX) reported their financial results for the third quarter of FY2023 (ending [...]

Copart Intrinsic Stock Value – COPART Reports 12.9% YOY Growth in Q4 FY2023, Reaching Total Revenue of USD 997.6 Million

☀️Earnings Overview COPART ($NASDAQ:CPRT) reported total revenue of USD 997.6 million for their FY2023 Q4 earnings on July 31 2023, [...]

Fedex Corporation Intrinsic Value Calculator – FEDEX CORPORATION Reports 6.7% Decrease in Revenue for First Quarter of FY2024

🌥️Earnings Overview On September 20 2023, FEDEX CORPORATION ($NYSE:FDX) reported its earnings results for the first quarter of FY2024 which [...]

Quantasing Group Stock Fair Value – QUANTASING GROUP Reports Record Quarterly Revenue of CNY 828.4 Million for Q4 FY2023, Up 31.7% from Last Year

🌥️Earnings Overview QUANTASING GROUP ($NASDAQ:QSG) announced on June 30th, 2023 that their fourth quarter FY2023 financial results showed total revenue [...]

Endava Plc Intrinsic Value – ENDAVA PLC Reports 5.2% YOY Revenue Growth for Q4 2023 with GBP 189.8 Million Total Revenue

☀️Earnings Overview ENDAVA PLC ($NYSE:DAVA) reported total revenue of GBP 189.8 million for the fourth quarter ending June 30 2023, [...]

Ihuman Inc Stock Fair Value – IHUMAN INC Reports 4.5% YOY Increase in Q2 FY2023 Revenue of CNY 241.0 Million

☀️Earnings Overview On June 30th, 2023, IHUMAN INC ($NYSE:IH) released their Q2 FY2023 earnings report, reporting total revenue of CNY [...]

STEELCASE INC Reports Total Revenue of USD 854.6 Million for Q2 Ending August 31, 2023, a 1.0% Decrease Year-Over-Year

🌥️Earnings Overview For the second quarter ending August 31 2023, STEELCASE INC ($NYSE:SCS) reported total revenue of USD 854.6 million, [...]

EDGIO INC Reports 28.9% Increase in Revenue for FY2023 Q2 with USD 95.8 Million Total

☀️Earnings Overview For the quarter ending June 30 2023, EDGIO INC ($NASDAQ:EGIO) reported total revenue of USD 95.8 million, a [...]

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