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Veea Announces Plans to Go Public Through Business Combination with Plum Acquisition Corp.

🌥️Trending News Yesterday, Veea announced plans to go public through a business combination with Plum Acquisition ($NASDAQ:PLMI) Corp. (NASDAQ: PLUM). [...]

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Kkr Intrinsic Value Calculator – KKR Acquires Potter Global Technologies From Gryphon Investors

🌥️Trending News KKR ($NYSE:KKR) recently announced that they have acquired Potter Global Technologies from Gryphon Investors. KKR, or Kohlberg Kravis [...]

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JBT Intrinsic Stock Value – JBT Corporation Makes Non-Binding Proposal to Acquire Marel

🌥️Trending News John Bean Technologies ($NYSE:JBT) Corporation (JBT) has recently announced a non-binding proposal to acquire Marel, a leading global [...]

Procaps Group Stock Fair Value Calculation – Minski to Step Down as Procaps Group CEO

🌥️Trending News The Procaps Group ($NASDAQ:PROC), a leading global healthcare provider, recently announced that CEO Minski will be stepping down [...]

Lazydays Holdings Intrinsic Stock Value – Lazydays Holdings Grows Portfolio with Acquisition of Orangewood RV Center in Arizona

🌥️Trending News Lazydays Holdings ($NASDAQ:LAZY), a leading recreational vehicle retailer, has recently announced the acquisition of Orangewood RV Center in [...]

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