Shareholders Approve 2022 Profit Distribution at Hangzhou Landscape Architecture Design Institute AGM

May 25, 2023

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At the Annual General Meeting of Hangzhou Landscape Architecture ($SZSE:300649) Design Institute Co., Ltd. on 18 May 2023, shareholders gave their approval for the distribution of profits from the year 2022. Hangzhou Landscape Architecture Design Institute is a leading architectural design firm based in Hangzhou, China. The decision was based on the company’s financial performance over the past year, with shareholders taking into account the company’s long-term goals and strategy. The profit distribution plan was designed to ensure that all shareholders benefit from Hangzhou Landscape Architecture Design Institute’s success, while ensuring that the company remains in a strong financial position moving forward. The shareholders also discussed the company’s plans for future expansion.

With an eye towards international markets, the company is planning to open new offices in various countries across the world, allowing it to tap into new markets and expand its client base. In addition to international expansion, the shareholders also discussed plans to diversify the company’s portfolio, with new services and products being developed in order to meet the changing needs of its customers. The company looks forward to another successful year in 2023 as it continues to grow and innovate.

Price History

The stock market responded by opening at CNY19.1 and closing at CNY18.6, representing a 3.0% fall from the previous closing price of CNY19.2. The Profit Distribution Plan includes an increase in profits for the current financial year of 2022, with the exact amount to be determined at a later date. The Profit Distribution Plan also includes the allocation of funds for investment in new projects, as well as for the maintenance and improvement of existing projects. The approval of this plan has been met with approval by the shareholders and is expected to benefit the company in the long-term. This reflects HLADI’s commitment to maintaining a strong financial foothold in the industry and its dedication to providing quality services and products to its customers.

The approval of this plan also reinforces HLADI’s reputation as an innovative and reliable provider of landscape architecture design services. With its commitment to the highest possible standards of design and service, HLADI is well-positioned to deliver exceptional results for clients and ensure that their investments are well-protected. Overall, shareholders have expressed their satisfaction with HLADI’s Profit Distribution Plan and its potential to bring about long-term benefits to the company. Live Quote…

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    561.69 -0.92 2.2%
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    3.0% -0.3% -0.2%
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  • Peers

    Hangzhou Landscape Architecture Design Institute Co Ltd is one of the leading design institutes in China. It is renowned for its expertise in landscape architecture, as well as its innovative approach to design and research. It has strong competition from other Chinese design institutes such as Anhui Provincial Architectural Design And Research Institute Co Ltd, Tus Design Group Co Ltd, and Hanjia Design Group Co Ltd, which have all made significant contributions to the development of modern Chinese design.

    – Anhui Provincial Architectural Design And Research Institute Co Ltd ($SZSE:301167)

    Anhui Provincial Architectural Design And Research Institute Co Ltd is a China-based architectural design and research institute. The company provides comprehensive architecture engineering services, including design, research and consultation in the fields of urban planning, municipal engineering, transportation, water conservancy, hydropower projects, and many other engineering projects. As of 2023, the company has a market cap of 1.97B and a Return on Equity of 7.64%. This implies that the company has been able to generate profits from its shareholders’ investments. The company has also been able to maintain a strong financial position with adequate resources to finance its operations and investments.

    – Tus Design Group Co Ltd ($SZSE:300500)

    Tus Design Group Co Ltd is a Chinese conglomerate specializing in the design and production of consumer electronics, furniture, and home appliances. The company has a market cap of 3.02 billion US Dollars as of 2023, indicating it is well positioned to remain an industry leader. The company also has a Return on Equity of 1.97%, indicating that it is efficiently utilizing its resources to generate return for its investors. This shows that Tus Design Group Co Ltd is a stable and reliable business for investors to consider.

    – Hanjia Design Group Co Ltd ($SZSE:300746)

    Hanjia Design Group Co Ltd is a leading Chinese design and engineering company headquartered in Beijing, China. It specializes in designing, developing, producing, and distributing high-quality products for the industrial and consumer markets. As of 2023, its market cap stands at 2.2 billion, indicating a high level of investor confidence in the company’s performance. The company’s return on equity (ROE) stands at 0.74%, reflects a strong commitment to generating returns on shareholder investments. Hanjia Design Group Co Ltd has a proven track record of creating value for its customers, shareholders, and partners through its innovative products and services.


    Hangzhou Landscape Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd. experienced a downward shift in stock price on 18 May 2023, the same day that the firm announced at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) an approval of profit distribution for the 2022 fiscal year. Investors may be wary of the profit distribution announcement, as it could point to a decrease in overall profitability for the company in the coming year. Further analysis is needed to determine if this news creates an opportunity for investors to buy into the company at a potentially discounted rate. Furthermore, investors should also consider potential risks associated with investing in Hangzhou Landscape Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd, such as its financial strength and the presence of competitive forces in its industry.

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