RapDev Wins 2023 Datadog Partner Network North America Partner of the Year Award

August 12, 2023

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This significant achievement is in recognition of their continued excellence and dedication to providing superior services to their customers. Datadog ($NASDAQ:DDOG) is a technology company that provides an integrated monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications. Its services are utilized by organizations worldwide, helping them securely monitor and analyze their operations, as well as gain insights into customer behavior. Their offerings include software-as-a-service applications (SaaS) for server, application, and infrastructure monitoring, as well as an artificial intelligence platform designed to help teams create, utilize, and optimize their applications. Furthermore, its unique cloud-based suite of tools enables customers to quickly deploy and scale their applications.

Price History

The recognition is given to the top partner in Datadog’s North American Partner Network, who has demonstrated excellence in providing customers with cutting-edge solutions and products. The announcement of the award coincided with a 0.4% increase in DATADOG’s stock, closing at $107.5 after opening at $114.8. This was a slight jump from the previous closing price of $107.1. The news of RapDev receiving this award further solidifies the company’s standing in the technology and innovation sector. Live Quote…

About the Company

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  • Ownership (Institutional/ Fund Holdings)
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  • Income Snapshot

    Below shows the total revenue, net income and net margin for Datadog. More…

    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    1.9k -83.07 -4.4%
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    Operations Investing Financing
    485 -481.08 43.54
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    Total Assets Total Liabilities Book Value Per Share
    3.31k 1.66k 5.12
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  • Key Ratios Snapshot

    Some of the financial key ratios for Datadog are shown below. More…

    3Y Rev Growth 3Y Operating Profit Growth Operating Margin
    58.0% -3.2%
    FCF Margin ROE ROA
    22.2% -2.4% -1.1%
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    At GoodWhale, we analyze DATADOG‘s financials to determine which type of investors may be interested in the company. Our Star Chart classifies DATADOG as a ‘gorilla’, a type of company that has achieved stable and high revenue or earning growth due to its strong competitive advantage. This makes it an attractive target for growth-oriented investors. Furthermore, DATADOG has a high health score of 9/10 with regard to its cashflows and debt, indicating that it is capable of safely riding out any crisis without the risk of bankruptcy. This makes it an attractive target for value investors who seek to invest in financially sound companies. When it comes to the company’s performance metrics, DATADOG scores highly in areas such as asset quality, growth, and profitability. However, it is weak in the area of dividend payout. This makes it better suited to growth investors than income investors. More…

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  • Peers

    Datadog Inc is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale, and is used by organizations of all sizes. Founded in 2010, Datadog is headquartered in New York City with offices in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

    Datadog’s primary competitors are Dynatrace Inc, Elastic NV, and New Relic Inc. These companies are also cloud-based monitoring and analytics platforms that provide similar services to Datadog.

    – Dynatrace Inc ($NYSE:DT)

    Dynatrace Inc is a publicly traded American software intelligence company based in Waltham, Massachusetts with a market cap of $9.67B as of 2022. The company offers various application performance management (APM) products. Its products are used by companies to monitor the performance of software applications and services.

    Dynatrace’s ROE of 3.59% is lower than the average of its competitors, which is around 7%. This indicates that the company is not generating as much profit from its equity as its competitors. One reason for this could be that Dynatrace is reinvesting its profits back into the business in order to grow. Another reason could be that the company has higher operating expenses than its competitors.

    – Elastic NV ($NYSE:ESTC)

    Elastic N.V. is a Netherlands-based company engaged in the provision of software solutions. The Company’s products include Elastic Stack, X-Pack, and Elastic Cloud. The Elastic Stack is a set of software products that combine data from any source with any format and search, analyze, and visualize it in real time. X-Pack is a set of software products that provides security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, machine learning, and graph capabilities for Elastic Stack. Elastic Cloud is a cloud service that offers hosted versions of the Elastic Stack.

    – New Relic Inc ($NYSE:NEWR)

    New Relic Inc is a publicly traded American software analytics company based in San Francisco, California. The company’s market cap as of 2022 was 3.84 billion dollars, and its ROE was -41.23%. New Relic was founded in 2008, and it provides software analytics products that help developers monitor the performance of their applications.


    DataDog is an advanced monitoring platform that has become increasingly popular among investors. It employs a comprehensive set of features to track, analyze, and visualize various types of data. DataDog’s monitoring capabilities allow investors to easily analyze performance metrics in real-time, pinpointing any issues or trends that may affect their investments.

    With the addition of AI-driven insights and root cause analysis, DataDog gives investors the power to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. DataDog’s Partner Network recently awarded RapDev as the North America Partner of the Year for 2023, showcasing their dedication to providing reliable and comprehensive data-driven solutions.

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