SALESFORCE.COM co-CEO Marc Benioff Sells Another 302K Shares of Common Stock

July 4, 2022

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The sales were pursuant to the exercise of stock options. Salesforce is a global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), bringing companies of all sizes together in the cloud to connect with their customers, partners and employees in new ways.

Market Reaction

On Friday, SALESFORCE.COM($NYSE:CRM) stock opened at $164.8 and closed at $168.2, up by 1.9% from previous closing price of $165.0.

VI Analysis

Company’s fundamentals reflect its long term potential, below analysis on SALESFORCE.COM are made simple by VI app. Based on VI Risk Rating, SALESFORCE.COM is a high risk investment in terms of financial and business aspects. You may look at what are the business and financial areas presenting potential risks in our website. The company’s sales growth has been declining in recent years, and it is now facing increasing competition from Microsoft and other cloud-based providers. Its operating margin is also under pressure, as it invests heavily in research and development. In addition, the company has a large debt burden, which could hamper its ability to invest for future growth.



The stock price of was up 1.9% on Thursday following the news of the stock sale. It is not uncommon for executives to sell stock, but it is worth noting that Benioff has sold a significant amount of stock this year. Investors may want to keep an eye on this development, as it could be a sign that Benioff is losing confidence in the company’s future. However, it is also possible that he is simply diversifying his portfolio. either way, this is something worth

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