National Fuel Gas Hits Lowest Point in 12 Months at $55.91 in 2023.

March 19, 2023

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National Fuel Gas ($NYSE:NFG) (NFG) has hit its lowest point in 12 months, dropping to $55.91 on June 1, 2023. The decine in the stock price can be attributed to a number of factors, including an overall weak energy market, decreased demand for natural gas and lower earnings from the company’s core operations.

In addition, macroeconomic headwinds such as rising inflation and higher interest rates have weighed on the company’s share price. Recent initiatives by National Fuel Gas, such as increasing its capital spending and enacting cost-saving measures, have not been able to offset the impact of these macroeconomic trends. The company has also faced increased competition in the natural gas market, causing its profits to decline. Despite the current low stock price, National Fuel Gas remains committed to its long-term goals and continues to invest in its core operations to secure a strong future for itself. The company is confident that it will be able to turn the tide and reverse its stock price decline in the near future.

Price History

On Monday, NATIONAL FUEL GAS stock opened at $54.7 and closed at $55.4, up by 0.1% from previous closing price of 55.3. This marks the lowest point their stock has reached in the past twelve months. Despite this, media exposure has been mostly negative with many analysts citing a bearish outlook on the company.

This is due to a number of factors, such as a volatile market and the potential for further downward movement of the stock price. Investors must therefore be cautious when investing in this stock. Live Quote…

About the Company

  • Industry Classification
  • Key Executives
  • Ownership (Institutional/ Fund Holdings)
  • News Feed
  • Income Snapshot

    Below shows the total revenue, net income and net margin for NFG. More…

    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    2.3k 603.32 25.8%
  • Income Statement Reports (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
  • Income Supplement
  • Growth Performance
  • Cash Flow Snapshot

    Below shows the cash from operations, investing and financing for NFG. More…

    Operations Investing Financing
    968.38 -557.83 -243.54
  • Cash Flow Statement (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
  • Cash Flow Supplement
  • Balance Sheet Snapshot

    Below shows the total assets, liabilities and book value per share for NFG. More…

    Total Assets Total Liabilities Book Value Per Share
    8.13k 5.6k 27.64
  • Balance Sheet (Yearly/ Quarterly)
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  • Key Ratios Snapshot

    Some of the financial key ratios for NFG are shown below. More…

    3Y Rev Growth 3Y Operating Profit Growth Operating Margin
    11.7% 19.3% 37.6%
    FCF Margin ROE ROA
    5.9% 23.4% 6.6%
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  • Analysis

    GoodWhale recently conducted an analysis of NATIONAL FUEL GAS, and we’re pleased to share that NATIONAL FUEL GAS is a low risk investment according to our Risk Rating. This rating is based on a number of financial and business aspects, including balance sheet, income sheet, cash flow and performance metrics. Whilst overall NATIONAL FUEL GAS is a low risk investment, GoodWhale detected one risk warning in their income sheet. To learn more about this warning and the associated risks, please register on to take a closer look. More…

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  • Peers

    The company’s main business is natural gas and crude oil production, transportation and sale. The company operates in the United States, Canada and Argentina. National Fuel Gas Co’s main competitors are Transportadora de Gas del Sur SA, Oasis Petroleum Inc, YPF SA.

    – Transportadora de Gas del Sur SA ($NYSE:TGS)

    Transportadora de Gas del Sur SA is a gas transportation and distribution company operating in Argentina. The company’s market cap as of 2022 is 1.35B and its ROE is 10.03%. The company is engaged in the transportation and distribution of natural gas to industrial, commercial and residential customers in Argentina.

    – Oasis Petroleum Inc ($NASDAQ:OAS)

    Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) is a Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company. It was created in 1976 from the nationalization of the Venezuelan oil industry. It is headquartered in Caracas and its operations are primarily focused on Venezuela’s Orinoco Belt region. The company has the largest proven reserves of crude oil in the world and is the largest producer of oil in South America.

    PDVSA is a vertically integrated company that engages in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, marketing, and transportation. The company also has significant stakes in a number of joint ventures, most notably with Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Total.

    PDVSA has a market cap of $2.94 billion as of 2022 and a return on equity of 22.79%. The company is the largest producer of oil in South America and has the largest proven reserves of crude oil in the world.


    National Fuel Gas (NFS) has seen its share price decline over the past 12 months, hitting a low of $55.91 in February 2023. Analysts point to negative media exposure as a key factor behind the stock’s decline, however, there are some positive aspects to consider too. All in all, investors should approach this stock with caution and assess all available information before making an investment decision.

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