Tyson Foods Poised for a Transformational Q3 as Analysts Remain Bullish

August 22, 2023


As Tyson Foods prepares to unveil its highly anticipated third-quarter earnings results on August 7, 2023, investors and analysts are eagerly awaiting updates on the company’s performance and future prospects. With recent news sentiment largely positive and a solid track record of financials, Tyson Foods appears to be on the cusp of a transformational period. In this article, we will delve into the various perspectives that shed light on Tyson Foods‘ upcoming earnings call, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, historical guidance, and analysts’ estimates. Let us explore why this earnings call promises to be an exciting one.

Fundamental Analysis:

ReportDate NetIncome TotalRevenue DilutedEPS unit
Q3 2023-06-30 -417.0 13140.0 -1.18 million USD
Q2 2023-03-31 -97.0 13133.0 -0.28 million USD
Q1 2022-12-31 316.0 13260.0 0.88 million USD
Q4 2022-09-30 538.0 13737.0 1.50 million USD
Q3 2022-06-30 750.0 13495.0 2.07 million USD

In terms of fundamental analysis, Tyson Foods has shown resilience in weathering the challenges imposed by the global economic landscape. While the company reported a net loss in the past quarter, this was primarily due to certain exceptional expenses, and it is important to note that the company has consistently generated positive net income over the past year. Furthermore, despite the pandemic-induced disruptions, Tyson Foods has managed to maintain a steady total revenue stream, which is a testament to its robust business model.

Technical Analysis:

since low high change change%
1D 2023-08-18 53.9 55.1 0.5 1.0
5D 2023-08-14 53.3 55.3 0.2 0.4
1M 2023-07-20 50.1 57.1 2.1 4.1
3M 2023-05-22 49.2 57.1 4.5 9.0

From a technical analysis perspective, Tyson Foods‘ recent price performance indicates a positive trend. Over the course of the past three months, the stock price has steadily risen, with a 9% increase since May 22. This upward momentum suggests that market participants have faith in Tyson Foods‘ ability to deliver positive results in its upcoming earnings report. Additionally, the stock’s relatively low volatility indicates investor confidence in the company’s stability.

Historical Guidance:

Examining Tyson Foods‘ past earnings calls provides valuable insights into what can be expected in the upcoming announcement. Looking back, the company has consistently demonstrated its resilience, adapting to market conditions while maintaining profitability. It is worth noting that there was a decline in EPS in the most recent quarter, primarily due to increased operating expenses and other one-time factors. However, given Tyson Foods‘ historical track record, there is reason to believe that the company will effectively address these challenges and provide a positive outlook for the future.

Analysts’ Estimates:

The consensus estimates for Tyson Foods‘ EPS in the third quarter have remained stable in recent months. Analysts are projecting an Adjusted EPS of $1.05, which aligns with the estimates made 30 and 7 days ago. However, it is essential to consider these estimates in the context of market dynamics and Tyson Foods‘ strategic initiatives. While analysts’ predictions serve as a useful guideline, investors should also be prepared for potential surprises as the company may have executed strategies that exceed expectations.


As Tyson Foods gears up to release its third-quarter earnings results, anticipation is building among investors and analysts alike. The fundamental analysis suggests that the company’s underlying business model remains strong despite any recent setbacks. Technical analysis demonstrates a positive trend in the stock price, indicating investor confidence and optimism. Tyson Foods‘ historical guidance highlights its ability to navigate challenges and adapt to market conditions. Finally, analysts’ estimates provide a benchmark for what can be expected in the upcoming earnings call. Overall, the stage is set for Tyson Foods to deliver an exciting announcement.

Investors and stakeholders are encouraged to tune in to the earnings call on August 7, 2023, at 9:00 AM EST to gain firsthand insights into Tyson Foods‘ performance and future prospects. As the company strives for continued growth and transformation, its quarterly earnings reports offer valuable opportunities for shareholders to gauge their investment decisions.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based solely on the data and historical information disclosed above. It is important for readers to conduct their own research and seek financial advice before making investment decisions. The article does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any securities.

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