Energizer Holdings: Anticipating Strong Q3 Earnings Results and Positive Market Performance

August 15, 2023


Energizer Holdings, a renowned consumer goods company, is set to announce its third quarter earnings results on August 8, 2023, at 10:00 AM EST. The company’s financial performance in recent quarters, coupled with notable analyst estimates and positive news sentiment surrounding the upcoming call, suggests an engaging and potentially promising earnings call for investors and market observers. In this article, we will assess Energizer Holdings‘ prospects from various perspectives, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, historical guidance, and analysts’ estimates.

Fundamental Analysis:

ReportDate NetIncome TotalRevenue DilutedEPS unit
Q3 2023-06-30 31.8 699.4 0.44 million USD
Q2 2023-03-31 40.0 684.1 0.55 million USD
Q1 2022-12-31 49.0 765.1 0.68 million USD
Q4 2022-09-30 -362.9 790.4 -5.09 million USD
Q3 2022-06-30 52.4 728.0 0.73 million USD

Energizer Holdings has showcased impressive financials over the past year. In the previous quarter, the company reported a net income of $31.8 million and total revenue of $699.4 million. Moreover, Diluted EPS stood at $0.44 million, indicating a consistent upward trend in profitability. The consecutive positive net income figures highlight the company’s ability to sustain business growth. Additionally, Energizer Holdings‘ Q1 2022 financial performance displayed a significant increase in net income to $49.0 million, reinforcing the company’s strong financial foundation.

Technical Analysis:

since low high change change%
1D 2023-08-11 34.2 34.8 0.7 2.2
5D 2023-08-07 30.5 36.7 -1.3 -3.6
1M 2023-07-13 30.5 37.3 0.7 2.1
3M 2023-05-15 30.5 37.3 -0.5 -1.5

Considering Energizer Holdings‘ past three months’ price performance, we observe positive market trends. The company’s share price has experienced a steady upward trajectory since May 15, 2023, with a low of $30.5 and a high of $37.3. Notably, on August 11, 2023, Energizer Holdings witnessed a 2.2% increase in its share price to $34.8, demonstrating an optimistic market sentiment leading up to the earnings call. This positive market performance further adds to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming announcement.

Historical Guidance:

Analyzing Energizer Holdings‘ historical guidance reveals promising insights for the upcoming earnings call. Over the past year, the company has consistently surpassed expectations, exceeding analyst estimates in three out of four quarters. This evident track record of outperforming expectations presents a compelling case for potential positive surprises in the upcoming results. Investors can draw confidence from the company’s ability to consistently deliver robust financial performance.

Analyst Estimates:

MorningStar consensus estimates indicate an Adjusted EPS of $0.62 for the current quarter, as well as seven and thirty days ago, reflecting a consistent expectation from analysts. However, it is worth noting that 90 days ago, analysts estimated a higher Adjusted EPS of $0.68. While the recent estimate decline may indicate a conservative outlook, it is important to remember that Energizer Holdings has frequently outperformed analyst estimates in the past. Therefore, there is a possibility of even stronger results than currently anticipated.

Market Outlook and News Sentiment:

Recent news sentiment suggests an overall positive outlook for Energizer Holdings‘ upcoming earnings call. Market observers have expressed optimism regarding the company’s financial performance based on positive news surrounding the event. The combination of encouraging news sentiment and the company’s strong past performance creates a favorable environment, warranting investors’ attention.


As Energizer Holdings prepares to announce its third quarter earnings results, various indicators highlight the potential for positive results. From a fundamental perspective, the company has recorded consistent growth in net income and total revenue over the past year. Technical analysis indicates a positive market performance with an upward trend in share price. Historical guidance showcases Energizer Holdings‘ track record of surpassing expectations, and analyst estimates point towards a solid EPS figure. Additionally, the upbeat news sentiment surrounding the event further fuels anticipation for the upcoming earnings call.

Investors and market participants should tune in to Energizer Holdings‘ earnings call to gain insights into the company’s financial performance, future plans, and growth prospects. The combination of favorable indicators and positive market sentiment make this earnings call one to watch. As the call approaches, it is essential to stay informed and up-to-date with Energizer Holdings‘ latest developments.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based solely on available data and is not intended as financial advice. Investors should conduct their own research before making any investment decisions.

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