Cricut Set to Unveil Q2 Earnings: Insights from Fundamental, Technical, and Historical Analysis

August 20, 2023


Cricut, the leading brand in crafting technology, is gearing up to disclose its second-quarter earnings results on August 8th, 2023. As the date draws nearer, investors and enthusiasts are anxiously waiting to gain insights into the company’s financial performance and growth trajectory. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive analysis of Cricut‘s past financials, recent price performance, historical guidance, and analyst estimates to provide you with a holistic overview. Let’s explore what these different perspectives reveal and why you should tune in to Cricut‘s upcoming earnings call.

Fundamental Analysis:

ReportDate NetIncome TotalRevenue DilutedEPS unit
Q2 2023-06-30 16.0 177.8 0.07 million USD
Q1 2023-03-31 9.1 181.2 0.04 million USD
Q4 2022-12-31 10.9 280.8 0.05 million USD
Q3 2022-09-30 12.4 177.0 0.06 million USD
Q2 2022-06-30 13.8 183.8 0.06 million USD

Looking at Cricut‘s past year financials, we observe a positive trend in both net income and total revenue. In Q2 2023, the company reported a net income of $16.0 million and a total revenue of $177.8 million, showcasing steady growth in comparison to the previous quarters. This growth is demonstrated by an increase in diluted earnings per share (EPS) from $0.04 in Q1 2023 to $0.07 in Q2 2023. These figures indicate that Cricut‘s business model is successful, capable of generating consistent revenue and profitability.

Technical Analysis:

since low high change change%
1D 2023-08-18 9.2 9.5 -0.0 -0.4
5D 2023-08-14 9.2 10.3 -0.7 -7.3
1M 2023-07-20 9.2 13.2 -2.9 -23.9
3M 2023-05-15 6.6 16.5 1.7 22.6

Analyzing Cricut‘s past three-month price performance reveals interesting trends. Over the last three months, Cricut‘s share price has experienced significant volatility. However, it is worth noting that the stock has demonstrated resilience amidst market fluctuations. Despite a recent dip, with a 23.9% decrease in share price over the past month, Cricut stock has shown an impressive overall gain of 22.6% within the past three months.

Historical Guidance:

Cricut‘s historical guidance has set a positive precedent for investors. Analyzing the company’s previous earnings calls, we have seen a consistent pattern of growth, with incremental improvements in net income and total revenue. Considering the historical data, investors can gain confidence in Cricut‘s ability to navigate market challenges successfully and sustain its upward trajectory.

Analysts Estimates:

When it comes to analyst estimates, it is important to take into consideration various opinions. While we do not have specific analyst estimates for Cricut‘s upcoming earnings call, we can gauge market sentiment based on recent news sentiment. Fortunately, the sentiment surrounding the upcoming earnings call is predominantly positive. This optimism arises from Cricut‘s strong financial performance in recent quarters and its continued dominance in the crafting technology industry.


In conclusion, Cricut‘s upcoming earnings call holds significant importance for both investors and crafting enthusiasts alike. Fundamental analysis reveals consistent growth in net income and total revenue, indicating a robust business model. Technical analysis highlights the stock’s resilience amid market volatility, while historical guidance emphasizes Cricut‘s ability to deliver consistent results. Market sentiment is primarily positive, further contributing to the anticipation surrounding the earnings call.

By tuning in to Cricut‘s upcoming earnings call, investors will gain valuable insights into the company’s financial health, growth potential, and future prospects. Understanding the underlying metrics and trends is essential for making informed investment decisions.

As Cricut‘s earnings results are revealed against the backdrop of positive market sentiment, this is an opportune moment to engage with industry leaders, financial experts, and fellow enthusiasts. Actively participating in such events helps individuals stay ahead of market trends, gain insights into the crafting technology sector, and potentially identify new investment opportunities.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of Cricut‘s journey as it continues to revolutionize the craft industry. Make sure to mark your calendars for August 8th, 2023, at 5:00 PM EST when Cricut unveils its Q2 earnings. Stay informed, stay engaged, and join the conversation surrounding Cricut‘s exciting future.

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