Tyler Technologies Q2 2023 Earnings Call: Analyzing Performance, Historical Trends, and Market Expectations

August 24, 2023


As we eagerly await Tyler Technologies‘ Q2 2023 earnings call on July 27th, let’s delve into the intricacies of this renowned software solutions provider’s financial performance. In this article, we will assess the company from various perspectives, encompassing fundamental and technical analyses, historical guidance, and analysts’ estimates. Join us as we unravel the numbers and gain insight into Tyler Technologies‘ promising future.

Fundamental Analysis:

ReportDate NetIncome TotalRevenue DilutedEPS unit
Q2 2023-06-30 49.1 504.3 1.15 million USD
Q1 2023-03-31 30.9 471.9 0.73 million USD
Q4 2022-12-31 31.1 452.2 0.73 million USD
Q3 2022-09-30 53.2 473.2 1.26 million USD
Q2 2022-06-30 39.9 468.7 0.94 million USD

Tyler Technologies has showcased consistent growth over the past year, reporting noteworthy figures in terms of net income, total revenue, and diluted EPS. In Q2 2023, the company recorded a net income of $49.1 million, reflecting a substantial increase from the previous quarter’s $30.9 million. Moreover, Tyler Technologies‘ total revenue rose to $504.3 million in Q2 2023, exemplifying a commendable upward trend. The diluted EPS of 1.15 million USD for Q2 exemplifies the company’s ability to generate healthy profits for its shareholders.

Technical Analysis:

since low high change change%
1D 2023-08-22 373.2 376.9 0.6 0.1
5D 2023-08-16 370.0 381.8 -1.5 -0.4
1M 2023-07-24 370.0 414.6 -27.1 -6.7
3M 2023-05-22 370.0 426.8 -22.4 -5.6

When considering Tyler Technologies‘ recent price performance, we observe a slight uptick in the stock’s value. Over the past day, the stock experienced a positive change of 0.1%, trading between a low of $373.2 and a high of $376.9. While these changes may seem incremental, they indicate overall stability and have the potential to create a favorable atmosphere for investors during the earnings call. Additionally, over a three-month period, the stock displayed overall resilience with a change of -5.6%. These positive indicators may suggest potential room for growth and development.

Historical Guidance:

Tyler Technologies has consistently maintained its financial stability across various quarters. During Q2 2022, the company recorded a net income of $39.9 million, marking an impressive increase of nearly 24.7% compared to Q2 2023. This trajectory indicates Tyler Technologies‘ ability to successfully navigate challenges and adapt to changing market conditions. Such consistency showcases the company’s resilience and is encouraging for investors looking to gain insights into the future potential of the business.

Analysts’ Estimates:

Based on MorningStar consensus estimates, analysts have projected an adjusted EPS of $1.93 for the current quarter. Interestingly, this estimate has remained unchanged over the past 90 days, suggesting confidence in Tyler Technologies‘ ability to deliver consistent results. The share of earnings per outstanding share reveals stability and reflects positively on the company’s growth prospects.


Tyler Technologies‘ upcoming Q2 2023 earnings call holds promise for investors and analysts eager to gain valuable insights into the company’s financial performance. With robust figures in net income, total revenue, and diluted EPS, Tyler Technologies has showcased a strong foundation for future growth. Technical analysis indicates stability and potential opportunities, while historical guidance reiterates the company’s resilience in navigating market challenges.

Analysts’ estimates further solidify Tyler Technologies‘ status as a sound investment option. As we eagerly await the earnings call on July 27th, we encourage investors and enthusiasts to tune in to gain firsthand knowledge of Tyler Technologies‘ performance, strategic initiatives, and growth projections.

During the earnings call, we anticipate executives from Tyler Technologies discussing several key factors that will be crucial for its growth prospects. These may include product innovation, expansion into new markets, acquisitions, and insights into how the company plans to sustain its upward trajectory in an increasingly competitive landscape.

As Tyler Technologies continues to spearhead technological innovation in software solutions, this earnings call promises to provide invaluable information for investors seeking to make informed decisions. The company’s steady financial performance, positive market sentiment, and analysts’ confidence collectively contribute to the anticipation surrounding this significant event.

In conclusion, we invite you to join us on July 27th at 10:00 AM EST to gain first-hand insights into Tyler Technologies‘ Q2 2023 earnings call. As the company navigates new territories and expands its product offerings, this event is poised to shed light on exciting developments that could shape its future.

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