National Storage Affiliates Trust: Building a Solid Foundation for Future Growth

August 15, 2023


Investors and stakeholders eagerly await the upcoming earnings call of National Storage Affiliates Trust (NSA) on August 8, 2023. With an impressive track record and positive sentiment surrounding the company’s performance, this event promises to shed light on the current financial landscape and provide valuable insights for the future. In this article, we will delve into various aspects to analyze the forthcoming earnings results of NSA, including fundamental and technical analysis, historical guidance, and analysts’ estimates. Let’s explore why this earnings call is generating such anticipation.

Fundamental Analysis:

ReportDate NetIncome TotalRevenue DilutedEPS unit
Q1 2023-03-31 29.0 208.0 0.24 million USD
Q4 2022-12-31 31.3 208.7 0.31 million USD
Q3 2022-09-30 22.2 206.8 0.21 million USD
Q2 2022-06-30 25.0 198.9 0.24 million USD
Q1 2022-03-31 25.2 187.2 0.24 million USD

The foundation of any investment decision lies in a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s fundamental factors. National Storage Affiliates Trust has displayed consistent financial strength in recent quarters. The past year’s financials highlight an upward trend in net income, total revenue, and diluted EPS. In Q1 2023, the company reported a net income of $29 million, total revenue of $208 million, and diluted EPS of $0.24 million USD. These positive figures demonstrate the company’s ability to generate profits while maintaining steady growth.

Historical Guidance:

National Storage Affiliates Trust‘s historical guidance serves as a foundation for understanding its future prospects. Over the past year, the company has maintained a steady adjusted EPS estimate of $0.19 for the current quarter, as indicated by MorningStar consensus estimates. Consistency in these estimates highlights the stability and reliability of NSA’s financial performance.

Technical Analysis:

since low high change change%
1D 2023-08-07 32.3 33.1 0.5 1.4
5D 2023-08-01 32.1 34.2 -0.4 -1.1
1M 2023-07-07 32.1 37.2 -2.3 -6.5
3M 2023-05-08 32.1 38.6 -5.0 -13.3

Looking at NSA’s recent price performance, we observe both positive and negative movements. Over the past 3 months, NSA shares experienced a decline, with a -13.3% change in the stock price. However, it is important to note that in the short term, NSA shares have shown signs of recovery, with a 1.4% increase in the stock price in the past day. This indicates that the company is bouncing back after a period of decline.

Analysts’ Estimates:

Analyzing analysts’ estimates is crucial to gauge market expectations and sentiment. As per MorningStar consensus estimates, analysts have consistently maintained the adjusted EPS estimate at $0.19 for the current quarter. This consensus demonstrates the market’s confidence in NSA’s ability to deliver stable financial results.

Investor Sentiment:

In addition to the numerical data, investor sentiment plays a crucial role in shaping the perception of a company’s performance. Recent news sentiment about NSA’s upcoming earnings call has been overwhelmingly positive, with reports indicating that investors are optimistic about the future prospects of the company. This positive sentiment further adds to the anticipation surrounding the earnings call and encourages stakeholders to tune in for valuable insights.


National Storage Affiliates Trust has established itself as a reliable and growth-oriented company, consistently delivering positive financial results. With an upcoming earnings call on August 8, 2023, investors and stakeholders eagerly await insights into NSA’s financial performance. The fundamental analysis reveals a company with a solid foundation, showing consistent growth in net income, total revenue, and diluted EPS.

While recent price performance has been mixed, the short-term recovery indicates potential upside for investors. Consistency in analysts’ estimates further reinforces confidence in NSA’s financial position. Coupled with overwhelmingly positive investor sentiment, there is no doubt that this earnings call will garner attention from industry experts and shareholders alike.

Tune in to National Storage Affiliates Trust‘s earnings call to discover how the company plans to capitalize on its current success and navigate future challenges. With its solid fundamentals, historical guidance, and positive market sentiment, NSA is poised to continue its growth trajectory in the self-storage sector. Stay updated on the latest financial insights and prepare to witness the unveiling of NSA’s future plans during this highly anticipated earnings call.

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