AbbVie and Sosei Group to Develop Novel Medicines for Neurological Diseases

August 3, 2022

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Under the agreement, Sosei Heptares will conduct and fund R&D activities through the completion of investigational new drug-enabling studies. AbbVie ($NYSE:ABBV) will have the option to license worldwide rights to any resulting compounds and will be responsible for clinical development and commercialization. AbbVie’s expertise in clinical development and commercialization, combined with Sosei Heptares’s experience in R&D, makes this a strong partnership with great potential. This could have a positive impact on ABBVIE’s market share and earnings in the long term.

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The company’s fundamentals (such as its financial stability, growth potential, and profitability) reflect its long-term potential. The fair value of the company’s shares is around $124.3, as calculated by VI Line. The current price of $140.4 is a fair price that is overvalued by 13%.


The companies will use Sosei’s Heptares technology to identify and validate new targets for AbbVie’s drug discovery programs. This collaboration underscores AbbVie’s commitment to developing innovative treatments for patients with neurological diseases. The stock price of AbbVie was up 0.1% the day after this news was announced. This may be due to investors anticipating the potential success of the collaboration and the development of new medicines for neurological diseases. AbbVie has a strong track record of developing successful drugs, and this collaboration could lead to new breakthrough treatments for patients with neurological diseases.

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