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November 21, 2023

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When it comes to long-term stock investments, CONMED ($NYSE:CNMD) Corporation is a top choice for many investors. Not only has this enabled it to become one of the largest medical technology companies in the world, but it has also seen its stock prices steadily rise over the years. With this in mind, it is strongly recommended that you retain your CONMED stock at this time for maximum gains. There are several reasons why you should hold CONMED shares now. First and foremost, the company has seen strong revenue growth in recent years, thanks to its continued development of innovative medical technologies that meet the needs of today’s health care industry.

Additionally, CONMED has been aggressively expanding its reach in the global market, which has further contributed to its growth. Finally, the company has a solid financial position, as evidenced by its strong cash flows, low debt-to-equity ratio, and consistent dividend payments to its shareholders. Moreover, analysts have been consistently positive about CONMED’s performance and outlook. They have praised the company’s commitment to innovation and have projected that it will continue to grow its revenues and increase its profitability in the coming years. This has helped to drive up the stock price, making CONMED a very attractive option for investors. Overall, if you are looking for investments that offer potential for long-term growth and stability, then CONMED Corporation is an excellent choice. With its impressive track record of success and bright future prospects, you can be sure that your stock will continue to appreciate in value over time and yield substantial returns on your investments. So, if you already own CONMED shares, be sure to retain them now for maximum gains.

Price History

Now is the perfect time to invest in CONMED CORPORATION stock! On Friday, CONMED CORPORATION stock opened at $108.5 and closed at $107.6, up by 0.2% from prior closing price of 107.4. This represents a great potential for investors to maximize their gains in a relatively short period. As the company continues to grow, its stock price is likely to increase as well, allowing investors to benefit from higher returns in the future. Therefore, now is the time to acquire CONMED CORPORATION stock before it rises further.

Not only will this ensure that investors have a chance to take advantage of the current market conditions, but it will also provide them with an opportunity to benefit from the potential upside in the stock price over time. By investing in CONMED CORPORATION stock now, investors can look forward to maximizing their gains and taking advantage of future opportunities as the company grows and its stock price increases. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Now is the perfect time to retain CONMED CORPORATION stock for maximum gains! Live Quote…

About the Company

  • Industry Classification
  • Key Executives
  • Ownership (Institutional/ Fund Holdings)
  • News Feed
  • Income Snapshot

    Below shows the total revenue, net income and net margin for Conmed Corporation. More…

    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    1.17k 57.97 -2.4%
  • Income Statement Reports (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
  • Income Supplement
  • Growth Performance
  • Cash Flow Snapshot

    Below shows the cash from operations, investing and financing for Conmed Corporation. More…

    Operations Investing Financing
    57.35 -21.5 -40.15
  • Cash Flow Statement (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
  • Cash Flow Supplement
  • Balance Sheet Snapshot

    Below shows the total assets, liabilities and book value per share for Conmed Corporation. More…

    Total Assets Total Liabilities Book Value Per Share
    2.33k 1.53k 25.89
  • Balance Sheet (Yearly/ Quarterly)
  • Balance Sheet Supplement
  • Key Ratios Snapshot

    Some of the financial key ratios for Conmed Corporation are shown below. More…

    3Y Rev Growth 3Y Operating Profit Growth Operating Margin
    10.1% 12.1% 5.9%
    FCF Margin ROE ROA
    3.2% 5.5% 1.9%
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  • Analysis

    This type of company would attract many investors, especially those looking for long-term investments. Additionally, CONMED CORPORATION scored 7/10 in our health assessment due to their strong cashflows and low debt, indicating that the company could safely ride out any crisis without the risk of bankruptcy. Furthermore, CONMED CORPORATION scored highly in dividend, profitability, and medium in growth. However, it is weak in asset, so investors should be aware of the associated risks. More…

  • Star Chart Analysis
  • Valuation Analysis

  • Peers

    Its competitors include Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corp, Xvivo Perfusion AB, and Teleflex Inc.

    – Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corp ($NASDAQ:IART)

    Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corp is a global medical technology company. They provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Their products are used in a variety of medical procedures, including wound care, tissue regeneration, and blood transfusion. They have a strong commitment to research and development, and have a portfolio of products that are backed by a team of scientists and engineers. They are headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey.

    – Xvivo Perfusion AB ($LTS:0RKL)

    Xvivo Perfusion AB is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets systems for perfusion and organ preservation. The company has a market cap of 5.12B as of 2022 and a return on equity of 0.97%. The company’s products are used in a variety of medical procedures, including heart surgery, lung surgery, and organ transplantation.

    – Teleflex Inc ($NYSE:TFX)

    Teleflex Inc. is a diversified global provider of specialty medical devices for a range of procedures in critical care and surgery. The company serves hospitals and clinicians worldwide with products designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare. Teleflex’s product portfolio includes intravascular catheters and guidewires, vascular access products, general surgery and urology products, anesthesia products, and respiratory products. The company also provides products and services for the management of airway, vascular, and surgical sites. Teleflex Inc. has a market cap of 9.42B as of 2022, a Return on Equity of 8.5%.


    CONMED Corporation is a medical technology company that specializes in the development and marketing of surgical and patient monitoring products. Analysts are positive about CONMED’s prospects as it has a strong market position in the medical device industry, a growing portfolio of innovative products, solid cash flow from operations, and a commitment to research and development. The company’s outlook looks strong due to its commitment to innovation and strong market share.

    Additionally, analysts point to the strong balance sheet, ample liquidity, and increasing revenue as signs that CONMED is well-positioned for long-term growth. With these factors in mind, analysts suggest retaining CONMED stock, as it has the potential to deliver long-term gains.

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