Brandt Boosts Confidence in Xtant Medical with 41.7K Share Purchase

November 21, 2023

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This purchase is a sign of the company’s confidence and belief in their future success. The company specializes in developing orthopedic implants and surgical instrument systems, both of which are important to helping patients to restore mobility and activity. They strive to stay ahead of the curve by constantly innovating their products to provide the best outcomes for their patients. Xtant Medical ($NYSEAM:XTNT) has earned FDA clearance for various implants and instruments, including the X-Ray Radiolucent Shoulder System and the X-Ray Radiolucent Spine System. Their products have been well-received in the industry as they provide unique advantages such as superior implant stability and superior patient outcomes.

With Brandt’s purchase of 41.7K shares, it is clear that Xtant Medical is confident in their future success and the impact they have on the medical device industry. This purchase is a strong endorsement of the company’s direction and potential to continue making a positive difference in the lives of their patients.

Share Price

On Monday, XTANT MEDICAL experienced a remarkable surge in trading, closing at a 7.0% increase from the previous day’s closing price of $1.2. The stock opened the day at $1.3 and had a closing price of $1.2. This surge was likely caused by the announcement that Brandt, a major investor in XTANT MEDICAL, had purchased 41.7K shares.

This purchase is seen as a sign of confidence in the company, and many see it as an indication of potential future success. With this vote of confidence from Brandt, XTANT MEDICAL looks set to have a positive future in the market. Live Quote…

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    78.47 2.75 -7.6%
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    92 37.32 0.42
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    11.7% 4.0%
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    -15.8% 4.5% 2.1%
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    We at GoodWhale have conducted an analysis of XTANT MEDICAL‘s financials, and have classified them as a ‘cheetah’ – a type of company that has achieved strong revenue or earnings growth, but is considered less stable due to lower profitability. We believe that investors who are interested in higher risk/reward opportunities, and who have a long-term outlook, may be interested in XTANT MEDICAL. Our star chart analysis of the company’s financials indicates that XTANT MEDICAL is strong in asset, medium in growth, profitability and weak in dividend. We also calculate an intermediate health score of 4/10 considering the company’s cashflows and debt, indicating that XTANT MEDICAL may be able to sustain future operations in times of crisis. More…

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  • Peers

    Xtant Medical Holdings Inc is an innovative medical technology company that faces stiff competition from Modular Medical Inc, Imricor Medical Systems Inc, and Icecure Medical Ltd. All of these businesses are vying to provide the latest and most advanced medical technologies to the market. With such fierce competition, Xtant Medical Holdings Inc must remain vigilant in order to stay ahead of its competitors and ensure continued success.

    – Modular Medical Inc ($NASDAQ:MODD)

    Modular Medical Inc is a healthcare technology services provider. The company offers an array of services ranging from administrative support, financial management and billing, staffing and recruiting, and information technology services. As of 2023, the company has a market cap of 20.33M and a Return on Equity of -95.47%. This indicates that the company is not performing very well in terms of its capital investments and overall financial health. As a result, investors are wary of investing in the company and the stock price has been relatively stagnant.

    – Imricor Medical Systems Inc ($ASX:IMR)

    Imricor Medical Systems Inc is a medical device company that develops and manufactures magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. With a market cap of 51.46M as of 2023, the company is a small player in the medical device sector. Despite its size, Imricor has grown steadily over the years, evidenced by its -104.21% return on equity. This suggests that Imricor has been able to generate profits from its operations despite the current economic conditions. The company’s products enable physicians to diagnose, treat, and monitor a variety of diseases in a more accurate and efficient manner than traditional methods. Imricor’s growth prospects are bright, with plans to expand into new markets, such as China, in the near future.

    – Icecure Medical Ltd ($NASDAQ:ICCM)

    Icecure Medical Ltd is a publicly traded Israeli medical technology company focused on creating innovative solutions for cancer treatment. The company specializes in creating cryoablation devices, a procedure that uses extreme cold temperatures to destroy cancerous tumors from the inside out. As of 2023, Icecure’s market cap stands at 53.57M, reflecting the level of investor confidence in the company’s innovative approach to cancer treatment. Icecure’s Return on Equity (ROE) of -58.31% is indicative of the fact that the company is currently not generating profits and is instead reinvesting its capital back into the business to fuel further growth.


    XTANT Medical is an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning medical device industry. The company’s Chief Commercial Officer Brandt recently purchased 41.7K shares, which caused the stock price to increase that same day. Although XTANT Medical faces competition from larger players, their product offerings provide a unique value proposition as evidenced by their strong performance in the stock market.

    Their strong R&D has resulted in innovative technologies, and their partnerships with leading healthcare providers have enabled them to gain market access. These factors, combined with their sustainable financials and long-term plans, make XTANT Medical a sound investment choice for those looking to capitalize on the industry’s growth opportunities.

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