PubMatic Establishes New Engineering Hubs in Pune and New Delhi

August 19, 2022

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PubMatic has established new engineering hubs in Pune and New Delhi, India to support global headcount and business growth. The technology firm is on track to meet its goal of doubling global engineering headcount by late 2023. The new hubs will allow PubMatic to better serve its growing customer base in India and the APAC region. Do you think this will affect PUBMATIC($NASDAQ:PUBM) market and earnings in the long term? Yes, this will likely affect PubMatic’s market and earnings in the long term. The company is making a significant investment in its engineering capabilities, which will pay off in the form of better products and services for customers. This should lead to increased sales and earnings over time.

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This move will help the company better serve its rapidly growing customer base in India and the surrounding region. The new hubs will allow PubMatic to more quickly develop and deploy new products and features, as well as provide better technical support to customers. In addition, the company plans to use the new hubs to expand its research and development efforts in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Companies with strong fundamentals are typically seen as having long-term potential. The below analysis on PUBMATIC’s fundamentals makes it clear that the company has a strong competitive advantage and is capable of sustaining high revenue or earnings growth. The VI Star Chart shows that PUBMATIC is strong in terms of assets and growth, while being only average in profitability and weak in dividend. This indicates that the company is a high growth company which is typically seen as being more risky. However, PUBMATIC has a high health score of 8/10 considering its cashflows and debt. This means that the company is capable of paying off its debt and funding future operations. Overall, PUBMATIC appears to be a strong company with long-term potential.


This move will allow the company to tap into the talent pool in these two cities and expand its engineering team. PubMatic is a leading provider of programmatic advertising technology. The company’s platform enables publishers to maximize revenue from their digital advertising inventory. The stock price of PubMatic moved up by 0.4% on the news.

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