MCDONALD’S CORPORATION RETIRES Sheila Penrose, ADDS Tony Capuano, Jennifer Taubert, and Amy Weaver to Board

August 23, 2022

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MCDONALD’S($NYSE:MCD): McDonald’s Corporation announced the retirement of Sheila Penrose from the board. Penrose’s retirement and the addition of three new members to the board come as McDonald’s faces pressure to improve its performance. The company has been struggling to boost sales and profit in recent years, and has been exploring various strategies to turn things around. Capuano is the CEO of Darden Restaurants, while Taubert is the executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Johnson & Johnson. Weaver is the former CEO of CDW Corporation. All three have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, and their addition to the board could bring fresh perspectives on how to turn McDonald’s business around. In the long term, it remains to be seen if these changes will be enough to help McDonald’s regain its position as a top global fast-food chain. The company faces stiff competition from other chains, and consumers’ tastes are constantly changing. However, the addition of three experienced executives to the board could be a step in the right direction for McDonald’s.

Market Price

On Monday, McDonald’s Corporation announced that Sheila Penrose would be retiring from the Board of Directors, effective immediately. McDonald’s stock opened at $264.5 on Monday and closed at $263.0.

VI Analysis

The health score of a company is determined by its cashflows and debts. A company with a high health score is capable of sustaining future operations in times of crisis. MCDONALD’S has a high health score of 8/10, indicating that it is a strong company with a solid financial foundation. MCDONALD’S is classified as a ‘rhino’, a type of company that has achieved moderate revenue or earnings growth. Due to its moderate growth rate, such company is deemed less risky and volatile as it pursues a sustainable growth rate. MCDONALD’S is a strong company in terms of dividend, profitability, and asset management. However, its growth potential is deemed to be weaker than its peers. For more details please visit Star Chart.


McDonald’s is a global company with a strong brand, and it is clear that the company is committed to making changes to its board in order to continue to be successful. Tony Capuano has a lot of experience in the food and beverage industry, and Jennifer Taubert and Amy Weaver both have experience in the healthcare industry. These new additions to the board bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the company, and they will likely help McDonald’s continue to grow and be successful.

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