Kite Realty Group Trust’s Price Target Cut to $21.00

November 19, 2023

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Kite Realty ($NYSE:KRG) Group Trust (KRG) has recently had its price target cut to $21.00. The company is focused on owning, managing and developing shopping centers and other retail properties throughout the United States. As a REIT, KRG has the ability to operate with significant tax advantages, and the company has gone public in order to gain access to the capital markets. The company’s portfolio is diversified across retail product types such as grocery-anchored shopping centers, outlet centers and mixed-use developments.

KRG also provides leasing services for tenants and landlords, as well as development services for clients seeking to construct new retail projects. The recent price target cut for KRG is likely due to a lack of visibility in the current economic climate, and the uncertainty of the retail industry as a whole. Nevertheless, the company’s portfolio of properties remain strong and KRG should maintain its position as a leader in the REIT industry.

Price History

This was 0.6% lower than the previous day’s closing price of $21.3. The stock opened at $21.2 and closed at the same level. This is despite many analysts predicting that KITE REALTY could reach higher prices.

It appears that investors remain skeptical of the company’s future prospects, which could be further affected by the current market conditions. As a result, Kite Realty Group Trust may have to adjust its business strategy in order to remain competitive. Live Quote…

About the Company

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    Below shows the total revenue, net income and net margin for Kite Realty. More…

    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    827.42 38.39
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    408.03 -86.94 -359.29
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    Total Assets Total Liabilities Book Value Per Share
    7.05k 3.35k 16.57
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  • Analysis

    GoodWhale has recently analyzed the fundamentals of KITE REALTY and the results are very promising. The Star Chart shows that KITE REALTY has strong marks in asset, dividend, and growth, along with a medium rating in profitability. We have classified this company as a ‘cow’, which is a type of company that is known for paying out consistent and sustainable dividends. This makes it an attractive option for investors who are looking for steady and reliable income. However, KITE REALTY has a low health score of 3/10 considering its cashflows and debt. This indicates that the company might not be able to safely ride out any crisis without the risk of bankruptcy. As such, investors should be aware of the risks before investing in this company. More…

  • Star Chart Analysis
  • Valuation Analysis

  • Peers

    The real estate industry is very competitive, with many companies vying for the same customers. Kite Realty Group Trust is no exception, and must compete against other companies such as Realty Income Corp, Primaris REIT, and Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust. While each company has its own strengths and weaknesses, Kite Realty Group Trust strives to provide the best possible service and products to its customers. In doing so, Kite Realty Group Trust hopes to gain a larger share of the market and become the leading real estate company in the industry.

    – Realty Income Corp ($NYSE:O)

    Realty Income Corporation is a real estate investment trust that owns and operates commercial real estate properties in the United States. The company has a market cap of $40.95 billion as of 2022. Realty Income Corporation is headquartered in San Diego, California.

    – Primaris REIT ($TSX:PMZ.UN)

    Primaris REIT is a large Canadian real estate investment trust that owns and operates a portfolio of over 40 office, retail, and industrial properties across Canada. The company has a market capitalization of over $1.5 billion as of early 2021. Primaris REIT is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

    – Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust ($TSX:CHP.UN)

    Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust has a market cap of 4.79B as of 2022. The company focuses on owning, operating, and developing retail and commercial real estate properties in Canada. As of December 31, 2020, the company’s portfolio consisted of 772 properties, including 656 retail properties, 97 office properties, and 19 industrial properties.


    An investment analysis of Kite Realty Group Trust (KITE) has resulted in a recently lowered price target of $21.00. KITE is a real estate investment trust with a portfolio of shopping centers and other retail properties located throughout the United States. With this lowered price target, analysts are indicating that KITE is facing significant challenges in the retail sector.

    Investors should be aware of this current risk and review the company’s performance and outlook before making any investment decisions. Investors must take into consideration the risk factors associated with KITE before investing, as the company is facing strong headwinds in the retail sector.

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