JAPFA Ltd Share Price History

June 1, 2022

Company Information

Japfa Ltd. ($SGX:UD2), an agri-food company, produces and sells dairy products, protein staples, and packaged food products in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, and Myanmar.  The company operates through six segments; Animal feed, Poultry Breeding, Commercial Farm and Poultry Processing, Aquaculture, Beef, and Trading and Others segment.  The company offers poultry feed products, under Comfeed and Benefeed brand names; broiler and layer day old chicks (DOCs); broiler farming and chicken slaughter activity, as well as chicken meat processing into consumer products; and fresh chicken meat ready for distribution to corporate customers, distributors, and retail market under Best Chicken brand.

Further, the company provides sausages, meat balls, cornets and chicken scallops under Tora Duo brand. Additionally, it provides beef cattle breeding, beef cattle feedlot, slaughterhouse and meat production under brand Tokusen Wagyu Beef brand to hotel, restaurant, catering, and domestic supermarket chain. The company also offers fish, shrimp, and eel feeds; shrimp and fresh water fish breeding, shrimp, eel, and fresh water fish farming; fish processing; and cold storage.

It engages in production of woven plastic bags; copra pelletizing and export of crude coconut oil; transportation of raw materials, supporting materials, and finished products; and production of animal vaccines, animal medicines, and livestock equipment. The company offer fresh milk and dairy products under Greenfields brand name. Japfa Ltd. was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Singapore. Japfa Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Rangi Management Limited.

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