HK$11.753M Block Trade of XINYI SOLAR Shares Occurs at Price of HK$8.395

May 27, 2023

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On Wednesday, a block trade of 1.4M shares of XINYI SOLAR ($SEHK:00968) was executed at 11:00a.m. at a price of HK$8.395. This resulted in a turnover of HK$11.753M and the closing price remained at HK$8.395. XINYI SOLAR is a global leading photovoltaic manufacturer, and the largest manufacturer of high-efficiency photovoltaic glass in the world.

It is the industry leader in terms of production capacity, research and development capabilities, and product quality. The company provides integrated photovoltaic solutions for both the commercial and residential markets, and its products are widely used in China, Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Price History

After opening at HK$8.4, the stock closed at HK$8.3, down by 1.3% from the prior closing price of HK$8.4. This signifies a decrease in the value of XINYI SOLAR shares on the market as investors sell off their positions. Despite this, XINYI SOLAR remains a strong presence in the photovoltaic industry and is committed to continuing its endeavors to create a better future through the use of solar energy. Live Quote…

About the Company

  • Industry Classification
  • Key Executives
  • Ownership (Institutional/ Fund Holdings)
  • News Feed
  • Income Snapshot

    Below shows the total revenue, net income and net margin for Xinyi Solar. More…

    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    20.54k 3.82k 18.5%
  • Income Statement Reports (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
  • Income Supplement
  • Growth Performance
  • Cash Flow Snapshot

    Below shows the cash from operations, investing and financing for Xinyi Solar. More…

    Operations Investing Financing
    5.89k -6.45k -1.07k
  • Cash Flow Statement (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
  • Cash Flow Supplement
  • Balance Sheet Snapshot

    Below shows the total assets, liabilities and book value per share for Xinyi Solar. More…

    Total Assets Total Liabilities Book Value Per Share
    50.58k 15.34k 3.34
  • Balance Sheet (Yearly/ Quarterly)
  • Balance Sheet Supplement
  • Key Ratios Snapshot

    Some of the financial key ratios for Xinyi Solar are shown below. More…

    3Y Rev Growth 3Y Operating Profit Growth Operating Margin
    31.2% 17.7% 26.2%
    FCF Margin ROE ROA
    -3.7% 11.2% 6.6%
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  • Analysis

    At GoodWhale, our analysis of XINYI SOLAR‘s finances has shown that it is a medium risk investment. Although this company looks attractive from a financial perspective, there are several risks that investors should be aware of before committing their funds. According to our proprietary Risk Rating system, XINYI SOLAR has presented two risk warnings in its income sheet and balance sheet. To get more information about these risks, register on We offer comprehensive analysis of companies with which you can make informed decisions about your investments. Our experienced team of financial analysts are dedicated to helping investors make the best decisions. Make sure to visit GoodWhale and take advantage of our analysis! More…

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  • Peers

    The competition between Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd and its competitors, Irico Group New Energy Co Ltd, JA Solar Technology Co Ltd, and Folkup Development Inc, has become increasingly intense in recent years. Each company is striving to develop innovative products and services to gain a competitive advantage, while keeping costs low and efficiency high. The race is on to see who can offer the most effective and efficient solar energy solutions for their customers.

    – Irico Group New Energy Co Ltd ($SEHK:00438)

    Irico Group New Energy Co Ltd is a Chinese renewable energy company that produces and distributes solar energy products and services. The company has a market capitalization of 1.71B as of 2022, indicating its size and the value of its outstanding shares in the market. Additionally, the company has a Return on Equity of 3.42%, indicating its ability to generate profits from its shareholders’ investments. Irico Group New Energy Co Ltd is well-positioned to benefit from the growing demand for renewable energy solutions and is one of the leading companies in this sector.

    – JA Solar Technology Co Ltd ($SZSE:002459)

    JA Solar Technology Co Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic products and solutions. The company specializes in the manufacture, research, development and sale of monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic cells, modules and other solar products. As of 2022, JA Solar Technology Co Ltd has a market capitalization of 135.13B, which ranks it among the top solar technology companies in the world. The company also has an impressive Return on Equity of 13.55%, which is well above the industry average. This indicates that the company is effectively utilizing its resources to generate profits for its shareholders.

    – Folkup Development Inc ($OTCPK:FLDI)

    Folkup Development Inc is a leading software development company that produces and markets software applications to organizations and businesses around the world. With a market cap of 49M as of 2022, the company has seen steady growth in both its value and performance. Its Return on Equity of 40.0% indicates that the company is achieving strong returns on its investments, which reflects positively on its financial health and future prospects. Moreover, its strong financials have enabled the company to expand its operations, develop new products, and invest in research and development.


    XINYI SOLAR is a company currently attracting a lot of investor attention. A large block trade of 1.4M shares at HK$8.395 and turnover of HK$11.753M recently occurred at 11:00a.m. This suggests a large influx of capital into XINYI SOLAR, as well as strong market sentiment. Investors may be expecting good returns on their investments in the near future, as signs point to a strong rally in the stock price.

    For those looking to invest in XINYI SOLAR, now may be a good time to get in before the stock takes off. Furthermore, since the company is involved in solar energy, investors may find it attractive due to its environmental friendliness and potential for growth in the green energy sector.

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