Cue Health’s Cue Care Solution Now Available Nationwide

August 31, 2022

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Cue Health($NASDAQ:HLTH)’s Cue Care solution, which provides same-day, at-home COVID-10 testing, as well as test-to-treatment access to COVID medication if positive, is now available nationwide. Under the program, a patient meets virtually with a medical professional. This is a significant development for Cue Health, as it opens up the company’s services to a much larger potential customer base. It remains to be seen how this will affect Cue Health’s market and earnings in the long term, but it is certainly a positive development for the company.

Price History

Monday was a big day for CUE HEALTH as their Cue Care Solution became available nationwide. Stock prices opened at $3.6 and closed at $3.4, showing a slight decline throughout the day. Despite this, the company is confident in their product and its ability to help people across the country. The solution offers a convenient and easy way to monitor one’s health, and with it being available nationwide, more people will have access to this valuable resource.

VI Analysis

Company’s fundamentals reflect its long term potential, below analysis on CUE HEALTH are made simple by VI app. Based on VI Risk Rating, CUE HEALTH is a medium risk investment in terms of financial and business aspects. However, there are some potential risks in the business and financial areas that investors should be aware of. For more information, please visit our website.


This affordable, easy-to-use solution provides accurate and reliable health information to help people make better decisions about their health. The Cue Health Solution is based on a simple, yet powerful, premise: that people are more likely to make better decisions about their health if they have access to accurate and reliable information. The Cue Health Solution provides this information through a mobile app and a web-based portal. The app gives users access to their health information, as well as to a community of like-minded people who can offer support and advice. The web-based portal provides users with a wealth of resources, including articles, videos, and tools to help them make better decisions about their health.

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