August 29, 2022

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Carnival($NYSE:CCL) Cruise Lines has taken a huge step in removing some of the last remaining covid restrictions holding back guests from taking cruises. The updated Carnival Corp plans were too late for the 2022 summer cruising season and still restrictive on unvaccinated passengers. This could potentially affect Carnival’s market and earnings in the long term as people may be discouraged from booking a cruise if they are not fully vaccinated.

Market Price

This news comes as a relief to many who have been eagerly awaiting the return of cruise ship travel. Carnival stock opened at $10.2 on Thursday and closed at $10.5, up by 4.9% from prior closing price of 10.0. This is good news for those looking to book a cruise in the near future.

VI Analysis

A company’s fundamentals are a reflection of its long-term potential. The below analysis of CARNIVAL is made simple by VI app. Based on the VI Star Chart, CARNIVAL is strong in profitability and weak in dividend, growth. CARNIVAL is classified as a ‘rhino’, a type of company that has achieved moderate revenue or earnings growth. Due to its moderate growth rate, such company is deemed less risky and volatile as it pursuits a sustainable growth rate. CARNIVAL has an intermediate health score of 4/10 considering its cashflows and debt. The company might be able to sustain future operations in times of crisis.


Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the largest cruise companies in the world, and it has been removing COVID restrictions in recent months. The company has now removed the last remaining COVID restriction, and this has caused the stock price to move up. Investors are bullish on Carnival Cruise Lines because the company is now able to operate at full capacity. This means that the company will be able to generate more revenue and profit. Carnival Cruise Lines is also working on new initiatives, such as a partnership with Royal Caribbean, that will further boost its earnings. The stock price is likely to continue to move higher in the near future as the company continues to remove COVID restrictions and investors become more bullish on the stock.

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