Salesforce’s FQ2’23 Earnings Release Spooks Market

August 30, 2022

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Salesforce’s FQ2’23 earnings release spooked the market, as CRM gave up all its August gains as it closed in on its mid-July lows. However, we noted nothing significantly amiss in its earnings card, as we posited in our pre-earnings update that much of its near-term challenges had been reflected. Therefore, we view the recent deep pullback as an opportunity for the market to shake out some weak holders and allow another fantastic opportunity for patient investors to add more exposure. Consequently, we are confident that the company’s robust profitability profile remains intact, as management maintained its non-GAAP operating profit margins guidance. We think that this event will have little effect on SALESFORCE.COM($NYSE:CRM)’s market and earnings in the long term. The company has a strong track record of delivering on its promises, and we believe that management will continue to execute well going forward. Therefore, we view the recent sell-off as an opportunity to buy shares of a high-quality company at a discount.

Stock Price

On Monday, SALESFORCE.COM stock opened at $164.3 and closed at $160.2. This was a result of the company’s earnings release, which spooked investors. The release showed that Salesforce is expecting a slower growth rate in the second half of the year. This news caused the stock to drop, as investors are worried about the company’s future growth.

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There are a few key reasons why investors may be spooked by the results. First, Salesforce’s billings growth came in below expectations. Second, Salesforce’s guidance for the full fiscal year was also below expectations. Overall, there are a few reasons why investors may be spooked by Salesforce’s earnings release. However, it’s important to remember that the company is still growing at a very rapid pace and is one of the leaders in the cloud software space.

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