Nvidia shares drop 4% after director Mark Stevens sold 227.7K shares

June 17, 2022

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According to a filing with the U.S. The shares ($NASDAQ:NVDA) were sold at prices ranging from $159.00 to $159.01, for a total transaction value of approximately $36 million. However, the timing and size of the sale could be cause for concern among investors. It’s possible that Stevens sold the shares for personal reasons, or that he believes the stock is due for a pullback. However, the sale could also be a sign that insiders are becoming increasingly worried about Nvidia’s long-term prospects. The company is facing a number of headwinds, including slowing growth in the global PC market, intensifying competition from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and the potential for additional tariffs on Chinese imports. Nvidia has been one of the market’s best-performing stocks over the past few years, but it faces some significant challenges in the coming months. Investors will be closely watching the company’s earnings report and guidance for any clues about its future prospects.

Market Reaction

On Thursday, NVIDIA ($NASDAQ:NVDA) stock opened at $158.6 and closed at $156.0, a drop of 5.6% from the previous closing price of $165.3. The current news on NVIDIA stock is mostly mixed, with some analysts predicting a rebound in the stock price and others cautioning against further investments.

VI Analysis

A company’s fundamentals are a reflection of its long-term potential. The intrinsic value of a company’s stock is a measure of that potential. The VI app makes it easy to analyze a company’s fundamentals and calculate its intrinsic value. Based on our analysis, the intrinsic value of NVIDIA stock is around $212.9. However, the stock is currently trading at $156.0, which means it is undervalued by 27%. This could be a good time to buy NVIDIA stock.

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The stock price continued to fall by 5.6 percent the following day. The news of the insider selling came amidst mixed news for the company. While the company’s gaming revenues continue to grow, its data center revenues have been declining. The insider selling could be a sign that the directors are not confident in the company’s future prospects. The mixed news about the company’s performance could also be contributing to the stock price decline. Investors may be concerned that the company’s data center revenue decline could offset the growth in its gaming business. Despite the recent stock price decline, NVIDIA is still a company with strong growth prospects. The company’s gaming business continues to perform well and its data center business is expected to rebound in the second half of the year. NVIDIA is also expanding its reach into new markets such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Given the strong growth prospects, NVIDIA could be a attractive long-term investment. The recent stock price decline could provide a good entry point for investors.

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