CFO Manavendra Sial to Resign from SunPower Corporation

September 1, 2022

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Sunpower Corporation Intrinsic Value – SUNPOWER($NASDAQ:SPWR): SunPower has announced that their CFO, Manavendra Sial, will be resigning from the company effective September 14th. No explanation was given for the resignation, other than that it is not due to any disagreements between Sial and the company. The company has appointed current Treasurer and VP of Project Finance, Guthrie Dundas, as the interim CFO. This is not Dundas’ first time with the company, as he spent nearly a decade with SunPower before leaving in February 2019 and returning in March 2020. The market has not yet reacted to this news, and it is difficult to say how SunPower’s earnings will be affected in the long term. However, the company seems to be in good hands with Dundas at the helm, and hopefully this change will not have too much of an impact on their business.

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SunPower Corporation announced on Wednesday that Manavendra Sial, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, will resign from his role effective immediately. In a statement, SunPower said that Sial’s resignation was “mutually agreed upon” and that he will be assisting with the transition to a new CFO. SunPower Corporation is a leading provider of solar energy solutions. The company’s stock opened at $24.1 on Wednesday and closed at $24.0.

VI Analysis – Sunpower Corporation Intrinsic Value

SUNPOWER CORPORATION’s fundamentals reflect its long term potential, as seen in its strong financials and positive outlook. The company’s fair value is around $19.4, as calculated by VI Line. However, the stock is currently trading at $24.0, which is overvalued by 24%.


SunPower Corporation has announced that their Chief Financial Officer, Manavendra Sial, will be resigning from his position. SunPower is a leading solar company that designs, manufactures, and delivers high-performance solar systems worldwide. They have operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has been a vital part of the company’s growth and has played a significant role in its financial success. With the resignation of their CFO, SunPower will be looking for a new financial leader. This is a critical time for the company as they are in the midst of a major expansion plan. They are also facing increased competition from other solar companies. Despite the challenges, SunPower remains a strong company and is well-positioned for continued growth. They have a strong product lineup and are expanding their reach into new markets. They are also committed to investing in research and development to maintain their position as a leader in the solar industry. Investors should keep an eye on SunPower as they navigate through this leadership change. The company has a strong track record of success and is positioned for continued growth.

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