SoftBank Sells All Remaining Stake in Uber

August 10, 2022

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Uber Intrinsic Value ($NYSE:UBER) – The Japanese technology and investment giant SoftBank has sold off all of its remaining stake in Uber between April and July. It is not clear how much SoftBank made from its Uber investment, but the sale does not appear to have been at a profit. The sale of SoftBank’s stake in Uber is likely to have a negative effect on Uber’s market value and earnings. SoftBank was one of Uber’s largest shareholders, and its investment was seen as a vote of confidence in the company. The sale of SoftBank’s stake may make it harder for Uber to raise additional funding from investors.

Market Reaction

On Monday, Uber Technologies stock opened at $32.3 and closed at $31.8. SoftBank, a major investor in Uber, has sold all of its remaining stake in the company. This comes as Uber continues to struggle to turn a profit.

VI Analysis – Uber Intrinsic Value

Uber Technologies’ fundamentals reflect its long-term potential, as analyzed by the VI app. Uber Intrinsic Value is around $54.4, as calculated by the VI Line. Currently, Uber Technologies stock is traded at $31.8, undervalued by 42%.

uber intrinsic value


The reason for SoftBank’s divestment is not clear, but it may be due to the company’s shift in focus to other investments such as WeWork and DoorDash. Uber Technologies is a ride-hailing and food delivery company based in San Francisco, California. Despite its success, Uber has faced a number of challenges in recent years, including allegations of sexual harassment, driver strikes, and data breaches. Investing in Uber Technologies may not be suitable for all investors. Potential investors should carefully consider the risks and uncertainties associated with the company before making an investment decision.

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