Molina Healthcare hits 52-week high on Friday

August 30, 2022

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Molina Healthcare Intrinsic Value – Molina Healthcare($NYSE:MOH) hit a 52-week high on Friday of $361.25. The stock is up 7% year to date and ~29% over the last year. This is good news for the company, as it indicates that investors are confident in its long-term prospects. The company’s market share and earnings are both likely to grow in the coming years, making Molina Healthcare a good investment.

Share Price

Molina Healthcare, Inc announced today that its stock price had hit a 52-week high of $354.40 per share. This is up 3.4% from Molina’s previous closing price of $327.50 per share. Molina Healthcare is a managed care company that provides Medicaid-related solutions to government-sponsored healthcare programs. With Friday’s move, Molina is now one of the best-performing stocks in the healthcare sector.

VI Analysis – Molina Healthcare Intrinsic Value

Molina Healthcare, Inc is a multi-state managed care organization that arranges for the delivery of health care services to low-income families and individuals covered by government programs. The company’s long-term potential is reflected in its fundamentals, which are made simple by the VI app. The fair value of Molina Healthcare’s shares is around $300.2, calculated by VI Line. Now Molina Healthcare stock is traded at $338.5, a fair price that is overvalued by 13%.


On Friday, Molina Healthcare hit a 52-week high, and the stock price moved up the same day. This was likely due to positive news about the company. Molina Healthcare is a healthcare provider that offers affordable and high-quality care to its patients. It is a good option for investors who are looking for a healthcare stock that is growing.

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