Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd. Invests in Megitt PLC Ordinary Shares

September 1, 2022

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Meggitt Plc Intrinsic Value – Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd. has announced that it has invested in Megitt PLC Ordinary Shares. This news has generated some speculation as to whether this will affect MEGGITT PLC($LSE:MGGT)’s market and earnings in the long term. However, it is difficult to say definitively whether this investment will have a positive or negative impact on the company. It is possible that the investment will help to increase Megitt PLC’s visibility and reputation, which could lead to increased sales and earnings. On the other hand, the investment could also put pressure on Megitt PLC to perform well in order to meet the expectations of its new shareholders. Only time will tell how this investment will affect Megitt PLC’s business.

Price History

Megitt PLC is a leading provider of engineering solutions and services to the aerospace, defence, and energy markets. Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd. is a long-term investor in Megitt PLC and believes that the company is well positioned to continue to deliver strong returns for shareholders.

VI Analysis – Meggitt Plc Intrinsic Value

MEGGITT PLC is a company with strong fundamentals that reflect its long term potential. The VI app makes it easy to analyze the company’s financials and valuation. The fair value of MEGGITT PLC shares is around $5.4, calculated by the VI Line. The stock is currently trading at $8.0, which is 47% above its fair value.


Megitt is a leading global engineering group specializing in the design, manufacture, and service of high-performance systems and components for the aerospace, defence, and energy markets. Dimensional’s investment in Megitt underscores our commitment to providing our clients with exposure to high-quality companies that we believe are well positioned to generate long-term, sustainable growth. Megitt’s strong market position, diversified end-market exposure, and global footprint are key attributes that attracted us to the company. Megitt is well positioned to benefit from the long-term growth trends in the aerospace and defence markets, as well as from the continued transition to a low-carbon economy.

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