Is Novacon Technology Group Limited (HKG:8635) A Fairly Valued Stock?

August 18, 2022

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NOVACON($SEHK:08635): It develops, manufactures, and sells semiconductor products worldwide. Looking at the company’s financials, it appears to be in good shape. It is currently undervalued by the market, but its strong financials indicate that it is a good long-term investment.

Market Reaction

On Tuesday, the stock opened at $0.1 and closed at $0.1, which suggests that investors are still bullish on the stock.

VI Analysis

A company’s fundamentals reflect its long term potential. The below analysis on NOVACON TECHNOLOGY is made simple by VI app. According to VI Star Chart NOVACON TECHNOLOGY is classified as ‘rhino’, a type of company that has achieved moderate revenue or earnings growth. Due to its moderate growth rate, such company is deemed less risky and volatile as it pursuits a sustainable growth rate. NOVACON TECHNOLOGY is strong in asset, profitability, and medium in dividend with a weak growth. NOVACON TECHNOLOGY has a high health score of 8/10 with regard to its cashflows and debt, is capable to sustain future operations in times of crisis.


The Company operates its business through three segments. The IT Services segment is engaged in the provision of system integration, software development, data center and network services, as well as the sale of IT products. The Electronics Manufacturing Services segment is engaged in the provision of electronics manufacturing services. The Others segment is engaged in the provision of trading of IT products and other investments. The Company mainly operates businesses in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China and Singapore.

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