Guardant Health and Merck KGaA Expand Precision Cancer Therapeutics Agreement

September 1, 2022

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Guardant Health Intrinsic Value – Guardant Health($NASDAQ:GH) has expanded its agreement with Merck KGaA on the development of precision cancer therapeutics. The expanded agreement will focus on core cancer indications with significant unmet need. Merck KGaA will work with Guardant Health data scientists to utilize genomics and clinical information from the GuardantINFORM platform. This expanded agreement is expected to have a positive impact on Guardant Health’s market and earnings in the long term. The GuardantINFORM platform is a powerful tool that will help Merck KGaA develop new precision cancer therapeutics. This will improve the quality of care for cancer patients and increase the market share for Guardant Health.

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In addition, Guardant Health will receive a technology access fee and will be eligible for milestone payments and royalties. It uses a simple blood test to look for circulating tumor DNA . This ctDNA can be used to help guide treatment decisions and monitor a patient’s response to therapy. The platform is already being used in clinical trials evaluating precision cancer therapies, and the expansion of the agreement with Merck KGaA will allow for even more patients to benefit from this potentially life-saving technology.

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The test is non-invasive and can be used to screen for various types of cancer, including lung, breast, and colorectal cancer. The agreement will also help to improve patient outcomes by providing more accurate and earlier diagnosis of cancer. The stock price of Guardant Health moved up the same day that the expanded agreement was announced. This is likely due to investors anticipating the positive impact that the agreement will have on the company’s future growth.

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