Ford Motor Company to Develop New Electric Truck for Sale in 2025

August 30, 2022

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Ford Motor Intrinsic Value – Ford Motor($NYSE:F) Company is developing a new electric truck that is expected to go on sale in 2025, per a report from Automotive News. The details on the new EV truck from the Detroit automaker are thin, but Automotive News noted that it could be a new-style full-size pickup under the F-Series umbrella aimed more at retail buyers than the electric Lightning F-150. Ford still plans to launch production of an all-electric Explorer SUV by the end of 2024. Do you think this will affect FORD MOTOR market and earnings in the long term? It’s difficult to say how this will affect Ford’s earnings in the long term, as it’s unclear how popular the new electric truck will be. If it’s successful, it could provide a boost to the company’s bottom line. However, if it fails to gain traction with consumers, it could weigh on Ford’s earnings.

Market Price

On Monday morning, Ford Motor Company’s stock opened at $15.2 and closed at $15.6 by the end of the day. This marks a 1.0% increase from the prior closing price of $15.4. This news has investors feeling optimistic about the company’s future prospects. Ford has been working on electric vehicles for some time now, and this new announcement shows that they are committed to staying at the forefront of this emerging market. The company is no doubt hoping to capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicles. With the release of their new electric truck, Ford is positioning itself to be a major player in the electric vehicle market.

VI Analysis – Ford Motor Intrinsic Value

Companies’ fundamentals usually reflect their long-term potential. The following analysis on Ford Motor Company’s fundamentals has been made simple by the VI app. The fair value of Ford’s shares is around $12.2, as calculated by the VI Line. However, the stock is currently traded at $15.6, which means it is overvalued by 28%.


This news comes as the company looks to expand its electric vehicle offerings in the face of increasing competition from other automakers. The new electric truck will be based on the company’s F-150 pickup truck, which is currently the best-selling vehicle in the United States. Ford has not released any details on the new truck’s range or power output, but it is likely that it will be significantly more expensive than the current F-150. Investors should keep an eye on Ford’s electric vehicle plans as the company looks to compete with other automakers in the growing EV market.

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