Google Rejects Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ App Over Inadequate Content Moderation

September 2, 2022

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DWAC Intrinsic Value – Google’s rejection of Trump’s Truth Social app over inadequate content moderation is said to have been due to a lack of systems in place to moderate the app’s content. This has raised concerns over whether or not DIGITAL WORLD ACQUISITION CORP($NASDAQ:DWAC), which owns the app, will be able to meet Google’s standards for content moderation in the future. If not, this could have a negative impact on the company’s market share and earnings.

Stock Price

DIGITAL WORLD ACQUISITION CORP stock opened at $25.5 on Tuesday, but closed at $24.6 after Google rejected the company’s “Truth Social” app over concerns about its content moderation. Google said that the app did not meet its standards for content moderation, and that it would not be allowed on the Play Store. This is a setback for DIGITAL WORLD ACQUISITION CORP, which had hoped to use the app to promote its own products and services.

VI Analysis – DWAC Intrinsic Value

Digital World Acquisition Corp is a blank check company that was formed for the purpose of acquiring, through a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination, one or more businesses. The company’s fundamental reflect its long-term potential and, according to VI Line, the intrinsic value of its shares is around $49.6. However, the stock is currently traded at $24.6, which represents a 50% discount to its intrinsic value.


Digital World Acquisition Corp is a publicly traded company that focuses on digital media and technology investments. The company has been rejected by Google for their “Truth Social” app due to inadequate content moderation. While this may be a setback for the company, they continue to focus on their other investments and remain optimistic about the future of digital media.

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