Citigroup analyst opens 90-day upside catalyst watch on Coinbase Global stock

August 8, 2022

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Coinbase Intrinsic Value ($NASDAQ:COIN) – Citigroup analyst Peter Christiansen has opened a 90-day upside catalyst watch on Coinbase Global stock, citing potential legislation on stablecoins and ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake as positive developments for the cryptocurrency exchange. Christiansen believes that these developments could lead to increased revenue for Coinbase, despite the company’s expected decline in earnings in the second quarter of this year. Do you think this positive outlook will have a long-term impact on Coinbase’s market performance?

Market Reaction

On Friday, COINBASE GLOBAL stock opened at $86.6 and closed at $93.0, up by 4.7% from prior closing price of 88.9. In a note to clients, Suva said that he believes Coinbase is “well positioned” to benefit from the growth of the cryptocurrency market. He also said that the company’s recent IPO has given it a “valuation discount” relative to other tech firms.

VI Analysis – Coinbase Intrinsic Value

Company’s fundamentals reflect its long term potential, below analysis on COINBASE GLOBAL are made simple by VI app. The fair value of COINBASE GLOBAL share is around $225.8, calculated by VI Line. Now COINBASE GLOBAL stock is traded at $90.49, undervalued by 59.92%.

Coinbase Intrinsic Value


Suva sees four potential catalysts that could drive the stock higher over the next 90 days:

(1) Further institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies, (2) Expansion into new geographies, (3) New product offerings, (4) Continued growth in trading volume

The analyst believes that Coinbase is well-positioned to benefit from continued institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. New product offerings could also drive growth, as Coinbase is expected to launch new products and services such as staking and lending in the near future. Finally, Suva expects trading volume to continue growing, driven by both retail and institutional investors.

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