Axon Enterprise: Making the Bullet Obsolete

June 21, 2022

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Axon Enterprise ($NASDAQ:AXON) is an American business founded in 1993 which develops hardware and software products for military, law enforcement, and civilians. Their core mission is to “protect life” and “make the bullet obsolete”. Axon’s products include body-worn cameras, software for evidence management and cloud storage, and Taser electroshock weapons. Axon has been the subject of controversy due to the potential for misuse of its products. Axon’s products have the potential to change the way law enforcement agencies operate. The company’s body-worn cameras have been shown to reduce the use of force by police officers, and the company’s evidence management software makes it easier for prosecutors to build cases. The widespread use of Axon’s products could have a significant impact on public safety. If more law enforcement agencies adopt body-worn cameras and evidence management software, it could lead to a reduction in crime and police misconduct.

Market Reaction

On Friday, AXON ENTERPRISE stock opened at $86.2 and closed at $87.6, up by 2.9% from the previous day’s closing price of $85.1. This was the stock’s fourth consecutive day of gains.

VI Analysis

Axon Enterprise, Inc. ($NASDAQ:AXON) is a provider of public safety and security solutions. The company’s products include body-worn cameras, in-car video systems, evidence management software, and cloud and mobile applications. Axon’s fundamentals reflect its long-term potential. The intrinsic value of an Axon share is around $132.3, according to the VI Line. The stock is currently trading at $87.6, which means it is undervalued by 34%. Now might be a good time to buy.


Axon Enterprise (formerly TASER International) is an American technology company known for its development of less-lethal weapons, such as tasers, and body cameras. The stock price of Axon Enterprise has risen by 2.9%, as investors believe that the company is well-positioned to benefit from a potential shift in law enforcement tactics away from firearms. Prediction: I believe that the stock price of Axon Enterprise will continue to rise in the future as the company’s products gain more mainstream acceptance.

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