Bryah Resources Stock Intrinsic Value – Bryah Resources Reports 166% Loss in First Half 2023 Earnings with AU$0.003 Loss Per Share.

March 24, 2023

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Bryah Resources ($ASX:BYH) has reported a significant decrease in earnings for the first half of 2023, with a net loss of AU$737.2k, a 166% decrease from AU$2.2M in the same period of 2022. The company also experienced a loss per share of AU$0.003. This is an alarming decrease in profitability and raises significant questions as to the future of the company. The decrease in profits could be attributed to a number of factors, such as changes in the market, competition, and increasing costs associated with operation.

Additionally, the company may have been affected by a decline in demand for their products or services. Any of these factors could have had a direct impact on Bryah Resources’ bottom line. It is essential that Bryah Resources takes the necessary steps to address these issues, as their current financial performance does not bode well for their future prospects. Without a strategy to improve profitability, the company risks further losses and financial hardship.

Price History

Despite this, the current media exposure of BRYAH RESOURCES has been majority positive. On Friday, BRYAH RESOURCES stock opened at AU$0.0 and closed at AU$0.0, representing an increase of 5.0% from the prior closing price of 0.0. This could indicate that investors remain confident in the company’s future prospects despite the recent setback. Live Quote…

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    At GoodWhale, we have done a thorough analysis of the fundamentals of BRYAH RESOURCES to come up with our proprietary Valuation Line. Based on our analysis, we have calculated the intrinsic value of BRYAH RESOURCES stock to be around AU$0.0. Currently, BRYAH RESOURCES is trading at AU$0.0, which means that it is undervalued by a staggering 100.0%. Therefore, investors who are looking for a bargain should definitely consider investing in BRYAH RESOURCES stock. More…

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  • Peers

    Bryah Resources Ltd is an Australian based exploration and mining company with a focus on the exploration, development and production of Manganese, Copper, Gold and other minerals. It faces competition from Auris Minerals Ltd, Nimy Resources Ltd, and Redstone Resources Ltd, all of which are similar Australian based exploration and mining companies.

    – Auris Minerals Ltd ($ASX:AUR)

    Auris Minerals Ltd is a mineral exploration company that is listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). As of 2023, it has a market cap of 7.63M, signifying that the company is worth 7.63M in total. Additionally, Auris Minerals Ltd has a Return on Equity of -3.93%, which indicates that shareholders are losing money through the company’s activities. This may be due to current market conditions or the company’s financial performance. Auris Minerals Ltd is engaged in the exploration and evaluation of gold, copper and base metals projects located in Australia and South America.

    – Nimy Resources Ltd ($ASX:NIM)

    Nimy Resources Ltd is a Canadian resource company focusing on the exploration and development of gold and other metals. As of 2023, its market capitalization is 25.38 million, which makes it one of the smaller gold miners on the market. Its Return on Equity (ROE) for the same period is -206.08%, which is one of the lowest in the sector. This suggests that the company is not highly profitable and is likely struggling to generate a return on its investments. The company’s ongoing operations and projects may be taking a toll on its ROE, making its stock less attractive to investors. It is worth noting, however, that the company has a large portfolio of properties to draw upon and could potentially increase its profits in the future.

    – Redstone Resources Ltd ($ASX:RDS)

    Redstone Resources Ltd is an Australian based energy company specializing in the exploration and development of oil, gas and related energy resources. The company has a market capitalisation of 7.37M as of 2023, and a return on equity of -4.93%. This indicates that the company has not been successful in generating returns for shareholders and is not a particularly attractive investment prospect. In addition, the value of the company’s shares have been declining over the past few years, indicating that the market is not very optimistic about the company’s future prospects. As such, potential investors should be cautious when considering Redstone Resources Ltd as an investment option.


    Bryah Resources has released its first half 2023 earnings report, showing a 166% loss compared to the same time last year. Despite the large loss, stock prices moved up on the same day, likely due to the positive media exposure the company has been receiving. Investors should take this news into account when investing in Bryah Resources, as it could indicate a riskier investment than previously thought.

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