Maximizing Your Returns with Dividend Stocks

January 10, 2023

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Investing in stocks is a great way to diversify your portfolio and to potentially receive returns on your investments. Dividend stocks are a type of stock that provide investors with a regular income from the company’s profits. Dividends are usually paid out quarterly, and can provide investors with a steady and reliable income stream. Additionally, dividend stocks can be a great way to gain long-term appreciation in value of your investments. The key to maximizing your returns with dividend stocks is to carefully research the company and its dividend history, as well as to look for companies with a strong financial position and consistent dividend payouts. Although the stock market can be unpredictable, by properly researching and selecting dividend stocks, you can make informed decisions that are tailored to your financial goals.


Investors seeking a steady stream of passive income should consider AGREE REALTY CORPORATION ($NYSE:ADC) . This Michigan-based company is one of the largest publicly-traded real estate investment trusts in the United States and specializes in owning, developing, and managing retail properties located primarily across the Midwest and Southeast regions. The company has a portfolio of almost 500 properties located in over 40 states, with a total gross leasable area of approximately 12 million square feet.

AGREE REALTY CORPORATION’s stock has been on an upward trend over the past year, closing at $72.12 on December 21st, 2020. Its current dividend yield is 4.3% and its dividend payout ratio is 82.6%. This indicates that the company has been paying out dividends consistently over time while still having enough cash flow to reinvest in its operations.

The primary revenue driving force for AGREE REALTY CORPORATION comes from lease payments from tenants who occupy their properties. With a diverse portfolio of retail properties, the company has proven to be resilient even during difficult economic conditions. Furthermore, AGREE REALTY CORPORATION has an impressive track record of growth; it recently reported third quarter earnings that beat analysts’ expectations. In addition to its growing portfolio of retail properties, AGREE REALTY CORPORATION also owns and manages other types of real estate such as multi-family apartments, office buildings, and industrial properties. These properties provide additional sources of income for the company and give it the opportunity to diversify its income sources even further.

Overall, AGREE REALTY CORPORATION’s stock is attractive to investors looking for a reliable source of passive income with a relatively low risk profile. The company’s dividend yield of 4.3% is higher than the average yield of 3.2% offered by other real estate investment trusts , making it an attractive option for investors looking for a steady stream of income. Furthermore, its diverse portfolio of retail and non-retail real estate provides investors with additional peace of mind that their investments are secured by multiple streams of income.

For those who are looking for an investment that provides a consistent source of passive income with low risk, AGREE REALTY CORPORATION is an ideal choice. With its current dividend yield and impressive portfolio of properties located across the United States, it provides investors with a reliable source of income that can help them generate long-term wealth.


The FRASERS CENTREPOINT TRUST ($SGX:J69U) is an established real estate investment trust that has been providing passive income to investors since 2002. FCT owns and manages a portfolio of retail, office and industrial properties in Singapore, Australia, and Japan. The trust has been consistently paying out dividends since its listing on the Singapore Exchange in 2002.

FCT’s current share price of $2.05 is supported by a healthy score of 10.0/10 and a dividend score of 7.0/10. This makes FCT a solid play for long-term investors looking for consistent, sustainable income from the stock market. Its dividend yield stands at 5.89%, with a total Dividend Per Share of $0.12 for 2020.

FCT has a diverse portfolio of properties across three countries, which allows it to benefit from different local markets, as well as different economic conditions in each region. This helps to protect against sudden market downturns or economic recessions in one particular market or sector.

FCT’s portfolio consists mainly of retail assets, including shopping malls and retail outlets across the three countries. This provides FCT with steady rental income that is less susceptible to downturns than other types of real estate investments such as office or industrial properties.

The trust has also adopted a proactive asset management strategy to ensure its portfolio remains competitive and attractive to tenants and visitors alike. This includes refurbishment works, redevelopment projects, and tenant mix adjustments to cater to changing consumer tastes and preferences.

FCT’s strong financial performance in recent years has allowed it to continue paying out generous dividends to its shareholders despite challenging market conditions in 2020. The trust is well-positioned for future growth with a healthy balance sheet and an experienced management team with decades of experience in the property industry.

Overall, Frasers Centrepoint Trust is an attractive option for those seeking passive income from the stock market without too much risk exposure. With its diversified portfolio across three countries, strong financial performance, and proactive asset management strategy; FCT is well-positioned to continue providing dividends in the years ahead.



Four Corners Property Trust is an interesting stock that is currently trading at $27.18 and has a health score of 7.0/10 and a dividend score of 9.0/10. It has been generating consistent and sustainable dividends for many years, making it an attractive option for investors who are looking for passive income.

FCPT is a real estate investment trust focused on the acquisition, ownership, and management of restaurant properties across the U.S. The company owns and operates over 450 restaurants in 40 states, primarily franchised locations. FCPT’s primary source of revenue is rental income from its tenants and it also generates income from advertising, management fees, and other services.

The company has grown steadily in recent years as it has increased its portfolio of properties and expanded into new markets. This growth has enabled FCPT to pay a consistent dividend to shareholders since 2009, with the current dividend yield standing at 6.06%. The total dividend per share is $1.65 which represents a steady stream of income for investors in the stock.

The long-term outlook for FCPT remains positive as the company continues to expand its operations and invest in new properties. With demand for restaurant properties remaining strong, FCPT should be well positioned to capitalize on this trend and continue to generate healthy returns for shareholders going forward.

Overall, Four Corners Property Trust provides investors with an attractive way to generate passive income through dividend payments while also enjoying potential capital gains from the increasing value of its portfolio of properties. With a strong dividend yield and long-term growth prospects, FCPT is an interesting option for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios with a high-yielding stock that offers stability and sustainability into the future.

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