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September 1, 2022

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AEM Intrinsic Value – Agnico($TSX:AEM)-Eagle Mines Limited and Randgold Resources Ltd. are two companies in the gold mining industry that offer dividend yields above the industry average. Both companies have been increasing their dividends in recent years, which is a positive sign for shareholders. However, with the recent decline in gold prices, it is uncertain if these companies will be able to continue to grow their dividends at the same pace. Gold prices are highly volatile, and any significant decline could put pressure on these companies’ profits and cash flow. Investors should keep an eye on gold prices and the companies’ financial reports to get a better sense of how they are performing. If gold prices continue to decline, it could put pressure on these companies’ dividend growth.

Stock Price

AGNICO EAGLE MINES is a dividend gold stock that is worth checking out. On Tuesday, AGNICO EAGLE MINES stock opened at $56.5 and closed at $55.4. The company has a good history of paying dividends and has a strong balance sheet.

VI Analysis – AEM Intrinsic Value

Agnico Eagle Mines is a gold mining company with operations in Canada, Finland and Mexico. The company’s fundamentals reflect its long-term potential, and the VI app makes it easy to analyze. The intrinsic value of Agnico Eagle Mines shares is around $66.0, calculated by VI Line. Now Agnico Eagle Mines stock is traded at $55.4, a fair price that is undervalued by 16%.


AGNICO EAGLE MINES is a Canadian gold miner with operations in Canada, Finland and Mexico. AGNICO EAGLE MINES is a good choice for investors looking for a dividend paying gold stock. The company has a strong track record of dividend growth and is one of the few gold miners that has increased its dividend every year since going public.

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