Intel Declares $0.365 Quarterly Dividend

July 18, 2022

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Intel Corporation ($NASDAQ:INTC) announced today that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.365 per share on the company’s common stock. This dividend declaration is in line with Intel’s previous quarterly dividend payments. Do you think this will affect INTEL’s market and earnings in the long term? It is difficult to say how this will affect INTEL’s market and earnings in the long term as it largely depends on the company’s future performance. That being said, a quarterly dividend payment of $0.365 per share is not a large amount, and so it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the company’s market value or earnings.

Market Reaction

On Thursday, INTEL stock opened at $37.0 and closed at $37.7, up by 1.3% from last closing price of 37.2. So far, news about the company has been mixed, with some positive reports and some negative reports.

VI Analysis

Companies with strong fundamentals are more likely to have long-term potential. The following analysis of Intel Corp.oration is made simpler by the VI app. The VI Star Chart shows that Intel is strong in terms of assets, profitability, and dividend payout, but weak in terms of growth. Intel has a high health score of 8/10 with regard to its cashflows and debt, indicating that it is capable of sustaining future operations in times of crisis. Intel is classified as a “cow”, a type of company that has a track record of paying out consistent and sustainable dividends. At the right yield, it is suitable for those who want to invest in companies for passive income. Dividend-paying companies are generally considered to be less risky, as they pursue growth at a sustainable rate.


The news of Intel’s dividend declaration was met with mixed reactions, with some investors feeling positive about the move and others feeling skeptical. However, the stock price rose by 1.3% the following day, indicating that the market is optimistic about Intel’s future prospects.

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