Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical Invests 200 Million Yuan to Acquire 50% of Local Biomedical Firm in 2023

March 18, 2023

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Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical ($SZSE:301263) Co., Ltd. is planning to invest 200 million yuan to obtain a 50% stake in a local biomedical company by the end of 2023. The company has consistently invested heavily in new products and technology, and is committed to providing quality products to its customers. With the acquisition of a 50% stake in the local biomedical firm, Taienkang Pharmaceutical will gain access to the latest research and development facilities, cutting-edge technology, and skilled personnel in the biomedical industry. This will enable Taienkang Pharmaceutical to increase its efficiency and productivity while improving its competitive edge in the market.

At the same time, the acquisition will also provide an opportunity for Taienkang Pharmaceutical to expand its product range and tap into new markets. As a result, this investment is expected to generate significant returns for Taienkang Pharmaceutical in the long run. It will help Taienkang Pharmaceutical gain competitive advantage, expand its product range, and tap into new markets.

Share Price

This news caused the company’s stock to open at CNY37.0 and close at CNY37.5, representing a 2.5% increase from the prior closing price of 36.6. In addition, the company’s investment would provide further capital for the local biomedical firm and potentially open up new opportunities for both parties. This move is yet another indication of Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical’s commitment to expanding its presence in the local biomedical industry and is likely to continue to generate investor interest in the company’s stock in the future. Live Quote…

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    GoodWhale’s analysis of GUANGDONG TAIENKANG PHARMACEUTICAL has shown that they are classified as a ‘gorilla’ – a type of company that has achieved strong and stable revenue or earnings growth due to their competitive advantage. Investors interested in such companies are likely to be looking for steady returns with a lower risk profile, and this company provides that. In addition, GoodWhale also scores GUANGDONG TAIENKANG PHARMACEUTICAL’s health at an impressive 9/10, taking into account their cashflows and debt. This suggests that the firm is well positioned to weather any future economic downturns or operational challenges. Furthermore, GoodWhale scores the company as strong in asset, growth, profitability, and medium in dividend, suggesting that it is an attractive investment for those looking for a balanced portfolio. More…

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    Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is one of the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry in China, competing with other well-known companies such as SSY Group Ltd, Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment JSC, and DakLak Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment JSC. The company produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, providing essential services to its customers.

    – SSY Group Ltd ($SEHK:02005)

    SSY Group Ltd is a Chinese energy and chemical company that produces methanol and other petrochemical products. The company has a market capitalization of 13.91 billion as of 2023, representing the total value of the company based on its current share price. This is a significant increase from their market cap in 2020, indicating their growth and success over the past few years. Additionally, SSY Group Ltd has a Return on Equity of 14.37%, which is significantly higher than the average for the industry and measures the company’s profitability from shareholder investments. This strong return on equity shows that SSY Group Ltd has been effective in utilizing its resources to generate significant profits for its shareholders.


    In 2023, Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical has announced an investment of 200 million yuan to acquire a 50% stake in a local biomedical firm. This investment will represent a significant contribution to the regional biomedical industry, and is likely to improve the company’s financial position. Furthermore, it will increase the availability of medical treatments and products to the local population, while providing a platform to develop innovative new products and services.

    This partnership could also open up new opportunities for Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical to enter new markets and expand its reach into other areas. Ultimately, this investment will help the company to strengthen its presence in the region, while increasing its competitiveness in the global market.

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