Elon Musk Subpoenas Jack Dorsey In Smoldering Legal Battle Over Twitter Acquisition

August 23, 2022

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Elon Musk has subpoenaed Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter($NYSE:TWTR), in a legal battle over the acquisition of Twitter. The case will go to trial in October, and Musk is fighting to keep hold of the social media company. This latest development is just one in a long line of document requests and subpoenas between Musk and Twitter. The case will have major implications for the future of Twitter, and the market will be watching closely to see how it plays out.

Stock Price

On Monday, TWITTER stock opened at $43.5 and closed at $43.0. Musk is seeking damages for what he alleges was Twitter’s “knowing and willful” destruction of his business. The case is set to go to trial in October.

VI Analysis

Twitter is a strong growth company with a solid competitive advantage. However, it is medium in terms of profitability and asset management, and weak in terms of dividend payments. This makes it a risky investment, but one with the potential for high rewards. The company’s fundamentals reflect its long-term potential. According to the VI Star Chart, Twitter has an intermediate health score of 6/10 with regard to its cash flows and debt. This indicates that the company is likely to be able to sustain future operations in times of crisis. Twitter is classified as a ‘gorilla’, a type of company that has achieved stable and high revenue or earning growth due to its strong competitive advantage. High growth companies like Twitter are deemed more risky as they attempt to grow faster than their competitors. However, the potential rewards for investors are also higher.


The subpoena was issued by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Musk is seeking damages from Twitter for allegedly breaching its fiduciary duty to shareholders by entering into exclusive negotiations with Salesforce without allowing Tesla to bid on the company. The acquisition of Twitter by Tesla would have been a historic media and technology merger. However, the deal fell apart after just a few weeks of negotiations. If you’re considering investing in Twitter, you should be aware of the ongoing legal battle between the company and Tesla. While it’s unclear how the case will ultimately play out, it could have a significant impact on Twitter’s stock price.

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