ITOCHU Corporation Announces 99th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders Electronic Provision Measures

May 26, 2023

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ITOCHU ($TSE:8001) Corporation recently announced its 99th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and Electronic Provision Measures. The company has shared a notice with the details of the meeting, including a 299KB file on Electronic Provision Measures. ITOCHU Corporation is a leading global trading and investment business conglomerate.

Price History

On Monday, ITOCHU CORPORATION stock opened at JP¥4806.0 and closed at JP¥4845.0, up by 0.4% from prior closing price of 4825.0. The company’s decision to provide electronic access to its 99th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders marks a shift towards a more digitized approach in its corporate governance, in line with the aim to increase transparency and strengthen investor engagement. This move is expected to benefit both the company and its shareholders in terms of improving communication and ensuring that shareholders have the most accurate information in order to make well-informed decisions.

It is likely that other companies in Japan will follow ITOCHU CORPORATION’s example and embrace electronic access to their Ordinary General Meetings of Shareholders as a way to increase investor confidence and engagement. This is a positive development for corporate governance in Japan and indicates the importance of digitalization and transparency in corporate operations. Live Quote…

About the Company

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  • Income Snapshot

    Below shows the total revenue, net income and net margin for Itochu Corporation. More…

    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    13.74M 823.63k 5.9%
  • Income Statement Reports (Yearly/ Quarterly/ LTM)
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    Operations Investing Financing
    865.35k -454.45k -374.83k
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    Below shows the total assets, liabilities and book value per share for Itochu Corporation. More…

    Total Assets Total Liabilities Book Value Per Share
    13.6M 8.2M 3.31k
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  • Key Ratios Snapshot

    Some of the financial key ratios for Itochu Corporation are shown below. More…

    3Y Rev Growth 3Y Operating Profit Growth Operating Margin
    7.0% 18.3% 8.5%
    FCF Margin ROE ROA
    5.0% 15.2% 5.4%
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  • Analysis

    GoodWhale recently conducted an analysis of ITOCHU CORPORATION‘s fundamentals and using the Star Chart, classified them as a ‘Cheetah’ – a company that achieved high revenue or earnings growth but is considered less stable due to lower profitability. We believe this type of company may be attractive to investors looking for short-term gains, such as those seeking to capitalize on high growth potential. ITOCHU CORPORATION is strong in dividend and growth, and medium in asset and profitability. The company’s health score is 8/10, indicating good cashflows and debt management that should enable them to safely ride out any crisis without the risk of bankruptcy. This makes ITOCHU CORPORATION an interesting prospect for investors looking for a higher-risk, higher-reward investment. More…

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  • Peers

    ITOCHU Corp is one of the leading companies in the global trading and investment business. With a history of over 150 years, ITOCHU has established itself as a major player in the industry, competing with fellow Japanese firms Sojitz Corp, SK Discovery Co Ltd, and Samyang Corp. These companies are all recognized for their innovative and reliable approaches to global business, making them valuable partners and fierce competitors.

    – Sojitz Corp ($TSE:2768)

    Sojitz Corp is a global trading and investment firm based in Tokyo, Japan. It has a market cap of 569.92B as of 2023, which makes it one of the largest publicly traded companies in Japan. Its Return on Equity (ROE) of 13.9% is also relatively high, indicating that the company is making good use of its capital and reinvesting its profits. Sojitz Corp’s core operations involve trading, investment, logistics, and project development and financing. It serves a wide range of industries, including automotive, chemicals, energy, and food & beverages.

    – SK Discovery Co Ltd ($KOSE:006125)

    SK Discovery Co Ltd is a leading South Korean conglomerate with a wide array of businesses in various industries. It is the fourth largest company in South Korea and has a market capitalization of 561.19 billion as of 2023. The company’s return on equity is 12.22%, indicating that it is able to generate a substantial amount of profit from its invested capital. SK Discovery Co Ltd has extensive operations in the energy, telecommunications, retail, and finances sectors, allowing it to diversify its income streams and strengthen its market position. The company is committed to innovation and sustainable growth in order to continue providing value to its shareholders and customers.

    – Samyang Corp ($KOSE:145995)

    Samyang Corp is a multinational corporation based in South Korea. It is a leading manufacturer and provider of a broad range of products, from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to chemicals, electronics and food products. With a market capitalization of 304.1 billion as of 2023, Samyang Corp is one of the largest companies in South Korea. The company has also displayed impressive financial performance and returns on equity, with a return on equity of 15.13%. This strong financial performance has been a major factor in the company’s success and long-term growth.


    The company engages in investing activities such as acquiring stocks, bonds, and foreign exchange. ITOCHU is renowned for its diversified investment portfolio, which includes real estate, equities, commodities, energy, chemicals, textiles, food, and machinery. ITOCHU’s financial performance is closely watched by investors, as it provides insights into the company’s growth potential. Analysts assess the company’s liquidity, profitability, debt capacity, and overall risk profile to make decisions about investing in ITOCHU. ITOCHU’s dividend policy is also closely monitored by investors as it can indicate the company’s willingness to reward long-term shareholders.

    Additionally, investors should also be aware of ITOCHU’s risk management strategies and the company’s response to market fluctuations.

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