City Development Environment Stock Intrinsic Value – 2023: 66 New Homes Planned for Wakefield District City Housing Development

March 19, 2023

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CITY ($SZSE:000885): The Wakefield District is set to expand its housing options with a proposed development of 66 new homes. This housing development has been seen as a way to help meet the demands of people looking for modern and affordable housing in the area. The proposal is part of the Wakefield District Council’s aim to promote city development and economic growth within the region. The 66 new homes will be constructed on land located in the Wakefield district, providing a great opportunity for individuals and families to move into the area. The new dwellings will be designed with modern building materials and energy-efficient features that will help reduce energy costs for homeowners.

Additionally, the dwellings will be available in a variety of sizes, allowing people to choose a home that best meets their needs and budget. In addition to providing more housing in the region, this development is also expected to bring in employment opportunities as construction begins. There will be a range of jobs available, such as contractors, plumbers, electricians and builders, that will be essential to the creation of these new dwellings. During construction, the local economy will benefit from the influx of workers and money being spent in the area. Finally, this development is expected to stimulate further city development in Wakefield District. With more people moving into the area and the construction of new dwellings, there is potential for local businesses to benefit from increased demand for their services. Furthermore, investment in the area could open up more economic opportunities for the district, leading to an overall increase in wealth and prosperity for all. Not only is it a source of affordable housing, but it is also an opportunity to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. As such, this project is sure to have a positive effect on city development in the region for years to come.

Market Price

The Wakefield District is set to see 66 new homes built in the city, with plans announced on Tuesday to develop the area. The news comes as City Development Environment, one of the largest Chinese real estate companies, saw its stock open at CNY10.7, and close at CNY10.5, down by 2.4% from the prior closing price of 10.8. The plans have been widely welcomed by the local community, and will provide much needed assistance to those looking for housing in the area. The new homes will be energy efficient and sustainably built, with a focus on creating an environmentally friendly living space for residents.

The development will also include a range of amenities to improve quality of life for those living in the district. City Development Environment is a leader in developing environmentally friendly housing projects, and this project looks set to be a success. Live Quote…

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    Total Revenues Net Income Net Margin
    6.28k 1.04k 16.5%
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    1.18k -3.19k 1.73k
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    24.72k 17.48k 9.48
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    3Y Rev Growth 3Y Operating Profit Growth Operating Margin
    39.5% 17.5% 31.5%
    FCF Margin ROE ROA
    -35.4% 19.9% 5.0%
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    At GoodWhale, we analyzed the financials of CITY DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT and found that the intrinsic value of its share is around CNY15.3. This estimation was calculated through our proprietary Valuation Line. This means that the current stock price of CNY10.5 for CITY DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT is undervalued by around 31.6%. As such, this presents a great opportunity for investors to buy into the company at a discounted price and potentially reap the rewards in the future. More…

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  • Peers

    It competes with other leading companies in the sector, such as DAKLAK Urban and Enviroment Limited Co, Binh Thuan Environmental Urban Service JSC, and Better World Green PCL. All of these companies specialize in providing high-quality services to cities and municipalities, with City Development Environment Co Ltd being at the forefront of innovation and progress.

    – DAKLAK Urban and Enviroment Limited Co ($HNX:UDL)

    Better World Green PCL is a Thailand-based agricultural firm that specializes in the production, distribution and sale of organic and sustainable products. The company has a market capitalization of 4.6 billion as of 2023, making it one of the largest companies in the Thai market. It also has a Return on Equity of 1.64%, which is higher than the average of the sector. The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to sustainability and its focus on providing quality organic products. Better World Green PCL has established itself as a leader in the organic and sustainable food market and its high market cap and ROE are a testament to its success.


    Investing in city development environments can be an attractive proposition for investors due to the potential for high returns. It involves analyzing the current state of city infrastructure and making estimates on the expected population growth, economic trends, and shifts in land usage. Through careful research, investors can identify areas with high potential for development and capitalize on new projects.

    Such projects may include building new homes, office buildings, shopping centers, and other developments that add value to the local economy. By looking at a variety of factors, including the political climate, zoning regulations, and market conditions, investors can create a comprehensive picture of the risks and rewards involved in investing in city development.

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