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Senstar Technologies Reports Negative EPS of -$0.01, Revenue of $8.97M on GAAP Basis

🌧️Trending News The company reported a negative GAAP earnings per share of -$0.01 and total revenue of $8.97M. Senstar Technologies [...]

Geo Group Stock Fair Value Calculator – GEO Group Announces CEO Departure, CFO Evans to Take Over

🌥️Trending News GEO ($NYSE:GEO) Group, a leading provider of diversified government services, recently announced that its CEO, George C. Zoley, [...]

Bridger Aerospace Intrinsic Stock Value – BRIDGER AEROSPACE Reports Third Quarter Earnings Results for FY2023

🌥️Earnings Overview For the third quarter ending on September 30 2023, BRIDGER AEROSPACE ($NASDAQ:BAER) reported total revenue of USD 53.6 [...]

Brink’s Company Intrinsic Value Calculator – BRINK’S COMPANY Announces Third Quarter FY2023 Earnings Results on November 7 2023

🌥️Earnings Overview On November 7 2023, BRINK'S COMPANY ($NYSE:BCO) revealed their financial results for the third quarter of FY2023, ending [...]

Brady Corporation Intrinsic Value Calculator – BRADY CORPORATION Reports 2.9% Increase in Revenue for First Quarter of FY2024

☀️Earnings Overview BRADY CORPORATION ($NYSE:BRC) reported total revenue of USD 332.0 million for the first quarter of their FY2024, which [...]

Brink’s Company Intrinsic Value Calculation – Brink’s Co. Reaches Record Profits in Third-Quarter Results

☀️Trending News This marks the highest level of profits in the company’s history. Brink's ($NYSE:BCO) Co is a global leader [...]

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