Credicorp’s Upcoming Earnings Call: A Closer Look at the Numbers

August 12, 2023


Credicorp, the leading financial institution in Peru, is set to release its second-quarter earnings results on August 11, 2023. With a strong track record of financial performance, investors and analysts alike are eagerly awaiting the company’s report. In this article, we will delve into the numbers, discussing the fundamental and technical analysis, historical guidance, and analysts’ estimates to provide a comprehensive outlook on Credicorp‘s upcoming earnings call.

Fundamental Analysis:

ReportDate NetIncome TotalRevenue DilutedEPS unit
Q1 2023-03-31 1384.3 4729.3 17.41 million PEN
Q4 2022-12-31 1072.1 6630.7 13.48 million PEN
Q3 2022-09-30 1302.4 4560.1 16.38 million PEN
Q2 2022-06-30 1121.8 4118.5 14.10 million PEN
Q1 2022-03-31 660.8 3309.1 8.28 million PEN

Credicorp‘s past year financials showcase a steady growth trajectory. In the first quarter of 2023, the company reported a net income of 1384.3 million PEN and a total revenue of 4729.3 million PEN. This solid performance indicates a positive trend for the subsequent quarters. Moreover, Credicorp‘s earnings per share (EPS) have shown consistent improvement, reaching 17.41 million PEN in Q1 2023. These robust fundamental indicators position the company for a potentially strong second-quarter report.

Technical Analysis:

since low high change change%
1D 2023-08-10 157.7 160.2 -0.4 -0.2
5D 2023-08-04 152.5 160.2 3.8 2.5
1M 2023-07-12 148.4 160.2 7.7 5.1
3M 2023-05-08 126.6 160.2 10.6 7.2

Examining Credicorp‘s three-month price performance in USD, we observe a noteworthy upward trend. The stock has experienced a 7.2% increase over the past three months, closing at 160.2 USD on the latest trading day. Though experiencing a slight decline of 0.2% in the last trading session, the stock’s overall growth suggests positive momentum leading up to the earnings call. Investors can anticipate further volatility in the stock price post-announcement, making the earnings call an opportune time to assess the company’s future prospects.

Historical Guidance:

Analyzing Credicorp‘s past quarterly performances provides valuable historical guidance. Over the last year, the company has consistently delivered strong results. In Q2 2022, Credicorp reported a net income of 1121.8 million PEN, with a diluted EPS of 14.10 million PEN. Comparing this to the figures for Q1 2023, we observe a substantial growth trajectory. This historical guidance sets a positive precedent, encouraging investors and analysts to expect promising results for the upcoming quarter.

Analysts’ Estimates:

MorningStar consensus estimates reflect the market sentiment regarding Credicorp‘s earnings for the second quarter. The most recent estimate, just seven days ago, projects an adjusted EPS of 4.46. These estimates have shown a consistent upward trend leading up to the earnings call. With the previous quarter’s EPS at 17.41 million PEN, these estimates suggest a strong possibility of surpassing last year’s Q2 performance. This positive analysts’ sentiment further fuels anticipation for Credicorp‘s upcoming earnings call.


Based on fundamental and technical analysis, historical guidance, and analysts’ estimates, Credicorp‘s upcoming earnings call is poised to be an event of considerable interest. The company’s robust financial performance over the past year, combined with positive stock price momentum, suggests the potential for strong second-quarter results.

Investors and analysts alike should carefully consider the numbers provided to make informed decisions going into the earnings call. The upward-trending stock price, coupled with increasing analysts’ estimates, indicates optimism surrounding Credicorp‘s financial performance. This optimism is further backed by recent news sentiment, which is predominantly positive regarding the upcoming earnings call.

Credicorp‘s track record of solid performance positions it as a leading financial institution in Peru. Its upcoming earnings call serves as an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the company’s growth strategies, scalability, and future prospects. Investors and stakeholders should mark their calendars for August 11, 2023, at 10:30 AM EST to tune into the Credicorp earnings call and gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial health and outlook.

As the deadline approaches, it is essential to closely follow Credicorp‘s news releases, industry trends, and market updates to make informed investment decisions. The earnings call will provide a firsthand account of the company’s performance, allowing investors to assess potential investment opportunities.

In conclusion, Credicorp‘s upcoming earnings call promises to shed light on its financial performance and growth trajectory. Armed with the provided numbers and insights, investors can make informed decisions, capitalizing on the opportunities presented by this thriving financial institution.

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