2023: Bombardier Wins Legal Battle Against Hedge Funds in Bond Deal Dispute.

March 20, 2023

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2023 marks a significant victory for Bombardier Inc ($TSX:BBD.B). as it wins a legal battle against hedge funds in a bond deal dispute. The Canadian aircraft and train manufacturer is sure of its victory in the case, as it successfully defends itself against the allegations of the hedge funds. The hedge funds argued that by issuing the bonds, Bombardier had violated the terms of prior agreements with them and had caused them to suffer financial losses.

However, Bombardier was able to prove that it had properly notified the hedge funds of the bond transaction and that the bonds had been issued in fair market conditions. The dispute was settled in Bombardier’s favor and the company was awarded a judgment in its favor. This outcome marks a major victory for Bombardier, as it was able to prove its case against the powerful hedge funds. The ruling gives Bombardier the confidence it needs to continue investing in its business in order to remain competitive and achieve its long-term goals.

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Bombardier Inc. has been enjoying positive media exposure lately, but on Wednesday, their stock price fell by 6.0% from the prior closing price of 63.0, opening at CA$62.4 and closing at CA$59.2. Live Quote…

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    6.91k -177 -1.9%
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    10.4% -6.4% 1.6%
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    At GoodWhale, we have conducted an analysis of BOMBARDIER INC‘s fundamentals. Based on our Risk Rating, we have determined that BOMBARDIER INC is a medium risk investment in terms of both financial and business aspects. However, during our analysis, we detected two risk warnings in BOMBARDIER INC’s income sheet and balance sheet. If you’re interested in learning more about these risks, register with us to gain access to our deeper analysis. More…

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  • Peers

    The competition among Bombardier Inc and its competitors is fierce. Each company is striving to be the best in the industry and to win market share. The competition is intense and each company is trying to differentiate itself from the others.

    – Park Aerospace Corp ($NYSE:PKE)

    Park Aerospace Corp has a market cap of 255.28M as of 2022, a Return on Equity of 4.53%. The company is a leading provider of aerospace products and services. It designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products and services for the aerospace industry. Its products and services are used in a variety of applications, including aircraft interiors, engines and landing gear. The company has a strong presence in the United States, Europe and Asia.

    – PASSUR Aerospace Inc ($OTCPK:PSSR)

    PASSUR Aerospace Inc. is a technology company that specializes in providing predictive analytical tools for the aviation industry. The company’s products and services are used by airports, airlines, aviation service providers, and government agencies to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety and security. PASSUR Aerospace’s products and services are based on a database of more than 50 million flight records and 10 years of historical data. The company’s products include a flight tracking and data analysis platform, a web-based customer portal, and a mobile application.

    – Hensoldt AG ($BER:HAG)

    The company is a leading provider of technologically advanced optics and electro-optical products, including night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras, and laser rangefinders. It has a strong focus on research and development, and has a history of innovation in the optics industry. The company’s products are used in a variety of applications, including military, law enforcement, security, and surveillance.


    Bombardier Inc. recently won a legal battle against hedge funds in a dispute over a bond deal. Despite the positive media exposure surrounding this victory, the stock price of the company fell on the same day. Investors will likely be monitoring the company closely in the coming months to see if there are any further developments that may affect their decision to invest.

    For those considering Bombardier Inc., it is important to assess the company’s financials and growth opportunities, as well as risk factors such as potential legal challenges. Investors should also pay attention to trends in the aerospace industry, which could affect Bombardier’s future performance.

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